Hans Haas (philologist)

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Hans Haas (born February 11, 1889 in Munich , † May 7, 1957 in Heidelberg ) was a German classical philologist and high school professor in Heidelberg.


He attended St. Anna high school in Augsburg and studied classical philology and German at the universities of Munich and Heidelberg from 1907 to 1912 . In 1913 he was in Heidelberg with a dissertation on Greek and Latin letter formulas doctorate . After that he was at the Heidelberg University Library in 1913/1914 , but then turned to school service. Haas had been working at the Heidelberg grammar school since 1931 and at the same time at the Department of Classical Philology at the University of Heidelberg under Professor Otto Regenbogen . In 1954 he retired.

Haas was one of the editors of the 15th edition of the Greek-German dictionary by Gustav Eduard Benseler . With Richard von Kienle he published a Latin-German dictionary in Heidelberg in 1952, which had many editions.

He edited textbooks by Sallust , Tacitus , Caesar and Ovid and was co-editor of the magazine Gymnasium for many years .


  • Short Latin grammar. 2nd edition, FH Kerle, Heidelberg 1948.
  • with Richard von Kienle: Latin-German dictionary. FH Kerle, Heidelberg 1952 (several new editions).


  • Obituary in: Gymnasium . Volume 64, 1957, pp. VII – XII (with list of publications).