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Hans Hauschulz (born December 1, 1912 in Unterpörlitz near Ilmenau , † July 9, 1951 in Magdeburg ) was a SED politician.


Hauschulz graduated from elementary school in Burg and learned typesetter from 1927 to 1931 . He joined the communist youth association ( KJVD ) and was group leader of the association in Magdeburg-Südost. In 1932 he became a member of the KPD . In 1933 he became the local group leader of the " Red Aid ".

After the National Socialists came to power , he became involved illegally for the KPD. Hauschulz was also arrested in connection with the distribution of illegal publications ( tribune , Junge Garde , Roter Pfeffer ) in Burg and Magdeburg. He came into custody initially to Magdeburg, then to Berlin . Pretrial detention lasted from August 8, 1934 to July 6, 1935. Hauschulz was sentenced to two years in prison for high treason . He was released on July 6, 1937. On November 1, 1942, he was called up for military service in the Penal Battalion 999 . He was taken prisoner in Africa , from which he was released in early 1947.

Hauschulz returned to Magdeburg and became a member of the SED on February 12, 1947 . From March 1947, he worked in the training and advertising department of the SED's district executive. He was largely responsible for the political and ideological training of party members. Hauschulz, who was recognized as persecuted by the Nazi regime in 1947, took over the management of the district party school on May 11, 1948. On June 17, 1949, he became Secretary of the Training and Promotion Department. Together with Olga Scheufler , he also took over the personnel department of the district executive in 1949 and shortly afterwards became head of the personnel department. He was also a member of the district secretariat. From October 3, 1949 until his death he was head of the Party Control Commission (PKK).

Eggersdorfer Strasse 20, 2011

At least around 1950 he lived at Eggersdorfer Straße 20 in Fermersleben .

Criticism of Hauschulz

Hauschulz is accused today of having been the ideological guard of the SED in Magdeburg. As head of the PKK, it was his responsibility to secure, investigate and monitor the party-compliant behavior of party members. During this time, ideological “cleansing” actions took place in the SED, which were aimed particularly at people with a social democratic conviction. Several people, including Erich Koß and Rudolf Eberhard, were arrested during Hauschulz's term of office . Koß and Eberhard were each sentenced to five years' imprisonment and deprivation of property for sabotage . The mayor of Magdeburg at the time, Walter Kaßner , is also said to have contributed to the arrests .


In the city of Magdeburg , a street ( Hans-Hauschulz-Strasse ) was named after Hauschulz during the GDR era . On January 9, 2003, however, the name was changed.


  • Printed matter from the state capital Magdeburg from 2002 on the renaming of Hans-Hauschulz-Strasse

Individual evidence

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