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Hans Jürgen Overbeck (born April 1, 1923 in Schwerin ; † March 9, 2013 ) was a German ecologist .


In 1940 Hans Jürgen Overbeck graduated from high school in Schwerin, in 1941 he was drafted into the armed forces and in 1946 he returned to Schwerin. Overbeck studied in Rostock from 1949/1951 and continued his studies in natural sciences in Rostock and Greifswald. From 1946 he researched the marine ecosystems and the brackish water ecosystems on Hiddensee and in 1950 he received his doctorate . In the same year he worked as an assistant at the Biological Research Institute of the University of Greifswald on Hiddensee.

In 1952, Hans Jürgen Overbeck moved to the Botanical Institute of the Potsdam University of Education. He received his habilitation under Wolfgang Müller-Stoll . In 1961 he moved to the Max Planck Institute for Limnology in Plön , Schleswig-Holstein. In 1966 he was appointed Scientific Member of the Max Planck Society and until his retirement in 1991 headed the department “General Limnology / Microbe Ecology” at the institute in Plön. His research focus was the ecology of aquatic microorganisms. In 1992 Overbeck became the founding director of the Institute for Ecology at the University of Greifswald . He started with investigations of the ecosystems of the Bodden waters of Rügen and Darß using new methods. Hans Jürgen Overbeck lived in Malente , Schleswig-Holstein , since 2009 .


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