Do you have words?

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Do you have words?
Components for Haste Words?
Components for Haste Words?
Game data
author Michael Kiesling , Wolfgang Kramer
graphic Various
publishing company FX Schmid , Ravensburger
Huch & friends ,
999 Games
Publishing year 1997
Art Word finding game
Teammates 3 to 8
Duration about 30 minutes
Age from 8 years

Do you have words? is a card and word finding game by the German game designers Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer , which was released in 1997 by the FX Schmid publishing house (now Ravensburger AG ) and, from 2009, by Huch! & friends appeared.

Theme and equipment

Do you have words? is a word-finding game in which up to eight players find and note as many words as possible in a given category in a given time that do not overlap with those of other players as they typed beforehand. The aim of the game is to find as many original terms as possible for a task and at the same time correctly assess the ingenuity of the other players.

The game material depends on the respective edition of the game. In the edition of Huch! & friends it consists of

  • 48 task cards with ten tasks each,
  • 48 tip cards with the values ​​1 to 6 in eight colors,
  • 12 handicap cards,
  • a start and a finish card,
  • eight pawns,
  • a writing pad and
  • an hourglass.

In the original edition of FX Schmid , the game was played on a board with 84 handle cards, the playing field was later replaced by a card display.

Style of play

To prepare for the game, the task cards and the handicap cards are each shuffled individually and laid out as a face-down draw pile in the middle of the table. A running route is laid out from the start and finish cards as well as eight turned task cards and four handicap cards. Each player chooses a color and receives a pawn, which is placed on the starting card, and the six tip cards of his color as well as a piece of paper from the pad and a pencil. At the beginning of the game, the players agree on a number from 1 to 10 to determine the tasks.

Task and handicap card
Tip cards

A starting player or game master receives the hourglass. He takes the top task card and reads the task with the selected number, then turns the hourglass over. All players now write down terms for the task in the given time. After the hourglass has run through, all players must put the pegs aside. If a teammate is on a handicap field at the beginning of a round, he must turn over the top handicap card and read it out. The instruction noted on it applies only to this player.

Each player now takes his deck of guessing cards and places a guess face down on how many correct answers he can score. To do this, he may form individual cards and the total, the maximum value is 21. All tips are revealed together, this results in a reading order: The player with the lowest tip begins to read out his terms and selects as many as he has typed. All other players must compare their list with the terms read out and cross out the words that have already been mentioned. Then the other players read out their remaining lists in the order given by the tips from the lowest to the highest tip and are not allowed to name any duplicates for the previous players; in the event of a tie, it is the turn of the one who is closer to the referee in a clockwise direction. Regardless of whether you can still fulfill your tip, read out your lists and the following players continue to cross it off. All players who were able to name as many terms as they typed are then allowed to advance their playing figure on the running track by this value. Players who couldn't fulfill their tip stop.

The game ends when a player reaches the target field with his pawn, this player wins the game. If several players manage to get onto the target field in one round, the winner is the player who would move the furthest beyond the target field.


The game Do you have words? was developed by Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer and in 1997 at the FX Schmid publishing house . As a result, further editions of both publishers appeared, after the takeover of FX Schmid by Ravensburger there, and in 2003 the game store also published Spielzeit! in Krefeld an edition of the game. From 2009 the game was also in the program of the publisher Huch & friends . In 2014, the game was also published in Dutch by 999 Games .

In 2017, HUCH! an edition under the name Haste Words? Anniversary edition with game plan and 40 new cards, which otherwise corresponds to the standard game. 2018 was also published by HUCH! Do you have words? The dice game of Hartwig Jakubik based on the standard game in which the categories are determined by dice instead of cards.

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