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The list of mines in Wittgenstein includes mines in the Wittgensteiner Land, divided into the municipalities of Bad Berleburg , Bad Laasphe and Erndtebrück .

The extraction of roofing slate around Raumland and Dotzlar has been known since the 16th century. Ore mining in the Wittgensteinerland was of little importance. The silver and lead ore mining of the Gonderbach mine near Hesselbach is worth mentioning .

Siegen-Wittgenstein district

Bad Berleburg

Surname District Mountain area Beginning The End Depth Remarks location image
At the Bilsberg Schwarzenau Bergamt Siegen 1611 Iron; over the floodplain
At the Lichtenberg Diedenshausen Bergamt Siegen 1676
In the light Diedenshausen Bergamt Siegen 1676
Antonie Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen 1886 1894 Schurfpingen in the Tiefkammer on the Schneidersberg; Mutung 1890 location
Castle Dotzlar Bergamt Siegen Slate; Stollen; west of the village location
Catharina blessing Richstein Bergamt Siegen 1620 iron
Charlotte Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen 1888 (before) Iron, zinc, lead, copper; dilapidated tunnel; also called the mill 's head; 10 m west of the Behnke house
Dent Space land Bergamt Siegen 1860 1923 Slate; since 1983 visitor mine location
Eisenstein Renfte Bergamt Siegen slate location
Iron mine Aue Bergamt Siegen 1884 (um) Iron; at the Bilsburg; Tunnel from the small Heilbach towards Bilsburg; Covered in 1945 by the American occupiers
Fredlar Bad Berleburg Bergamt Siegen Slate (open pit) location
Prince Bismark Aue Bergamt Siegen Iron; up at the Bilsburg
Count Casimir Bad Berleburg Bergamt Siegen 1713 above the Berleburg Castle
Haindell Richstein Bergamt Siegen Iron; Opencast mining and tunnels location
Heinrichssegen Aue Bergamt Siegen 1865-12-11 Iron; awarded on April 26, 1867; two studs location
Heinrichssegen Space land Bergamt Siegen 1859 Slate; stollen
Hesslar Space land Bergamt Siegen 1863 1973 Slate; at Eisenstein
Honors Arfeld Bergamt Siegen Slate; two studs (one of several hundred meters long, Mutungsstollen with 30 m length position ) location
Hear I Space land Bergamt Siegen 1717 1934 Slate; 1864 consolidation of several fields; 1877 civil engineering; 6 km long tunnel system; up to 800 m depth
Hear II Space land Bergamt Siegen 1973 slate location
Kapplerbracht Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen 1780 (um) 1790 Iron; 14 staff members location
(At the) Kapplermühle Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen 1717 Tunnel with at least 450 m
Brains Space land Bergamt Siegen 1860 1890 slate location
Limburg Space land Bergamt Siegen 1816 1864 slate location
Maria Charlotte Wemlighausen Bergamt Siegen 1713 above the hammer of Wemlighausen
Neuschlebusch IV Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen 1611 Iron?; probably identical to the former mine on Homberg ; Tunnels with a length of at least 350 m location
Rich blessings of God Dotzlar Bergamt Siegen 1713 between Dotzlar and Raumland
Richard Dotzlar Bergamt Siegen 1945 (after) slate
Rudolfsgraben Elsoff Bergamt Siegen Copper; stollen location
stollen Aue Bergamt Siegen 1884 Iron?; at the Bilsburg; Tunnel with a length of approx. 100 m location
stollen Space land Bergamt Siegen Slate; Stollen; Conjecture; south of the place; south pit head location
stollen Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen in the west of Rohrbach on the footpath to Homberg; Tunnel with a length of 20 m location
stollen Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen on the beak; Tunnel with a length of 32.5 m location
stollen Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen 1900 (before) Ore mining; at the old Kunze house on Priesterweg; Tunnels several meters long; Air raid shelter in World War II
stollen Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen 1900 (before) at the Heyer house; on the roll; Tunnels with timber construction; behind a masonry wall made of stones
stollen Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen 50 m behind the town sign Wingeshausen ; Backfilled in 1950
stollen Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen at the old mill; 12 m long tunnel; bricked up today
Stollen at the ear Space land Bergamt Siegen Slate; northeast of Raumland location
Beddelhausen tunnel Beddelhausen Bergamt Siegen location
Beddelhausen tunnel Beddelhausen Bergamt Siegen iron

Edertal tunnel Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen location
Eichendorf gallery Eichendorf Bergamt Siegen Slate; north of Rinthe on the road to Berghausen location
Rohrbach tunnel Wingeshausen Bergamt Siegen Stollen; north of Wingeshausen location
Saletal gallery Diedenshausen Bergamt Siegen Iron ore; Conjecture; short tunnel location
Winter field Richstein Bergamt Siegen Iron; northwest of Richstein location

Bad Laasphe

Surname District Mountain area Beginning The End Depth Remarks location image
Alexander Carl Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen
Alexander hope Hesselbach Bergamt Siegen 1770 (um) Silver, lead (red mineral ore mining); Tunnel with a length of approx. 250 m; to Gonderbach location
Amalia Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen 1830 (before) 1931
Amalie Hesselbach Bergamt Siegen
Poor man Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen location
Mountain cottage Hesselbach Bergamt Siegen 1878 (um) Galena, copper; Location close to the national border location
Frederick hope Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen 1750 (um) Copper; to Gonderbach
Glücksborn Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen
Gonderbach Banfe / Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen 1350 1939 100 m Silver, lead, copper; formerly Friedrich's hope ; in the Gonderbachtal on the southern slope of the Laykopf near foot at about 470 m above sea level; Civil engineering from August 12, 1854; 1820 Pariser and Tiefer Stollen, a little later Amalienstollen; 1864 Alexanderschacht (100 m); 1909 Ludwigstollen; up to 78 staff members; Ludwigstollen has been used for drinking water production since 2016 location

Location location location

Gonderbach Pit Fischelbach2 ca 1910.png
God's blessing Hesselbach Bergamt Siegen obviously several tunnels location
Hangelsbach Bad Laasphe Bergamt Siegen
Heinrichsegen Hesselbach Bergamt Siegen
Hermione Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen near satisfaction
Caroline luck Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen location
Kyael wire Fischelbach? Bergamt Siegen 1575 Iron; Harpid, near the inn
Löwertsgrube Bad Laasphe Bergamt Siegen 1800 (um)
Powerful Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen 1861 Lead, silver, copper; at the Eichert location
Morning star Hesselbach Bergamt Siegen Galena
Mill light Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen Copper, lead; in the mill light
New mill light Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen 1884 Copper, lead; also called Neu-Mühlhelle ; Stollen in the Mühlhelle location
Salnbach Bad Laasphe Bergamt Siegen
satisfaction Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen near Hermione
confidence Fischelbach Bergamt Siegen 1863 Lead; at the Ziegenrain location


Surname District Mountain area Beginning The End Depth Remarks location image
Rundeswäldchen Harvest Bridge Bergamt Siegen Iron; Freudenberg tunnel

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