Heber (Bible)

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Heber is the name of four people in the Old Testament .


The Hebrew personal name חֶבֶר ḥævær ( i. P. חָבֶר ḥāvær ) is a one-word name and means "companion / comrade". The Septuagint gives the name as Χοβορ chobor , the Vulgate as Heber , the Samaritan Pentateuch as ' Ābar .

Heber, son of Beria

According to Gen 46.17  EU, Heber is the eldest son of Beria and grandson of Ascher . His brother is called Malkiël. According to Num. 26.45  EU, the Heberiter descend from him. His sons are called after 1 Chr 7.32  EU Japhlet, and Hotham, his daughter Shua.

Heber, Kenite

In the Book of Judges , Heber is Jaël's husband . He belongs to the Kenite tribe . Ri 4,11  EU leads him back to Hobab, the father-in-law of Moses , and reports that he had separated from the sons of Hobab. He camped at the oak of Zaanannim near Kedesch. In Judge 4,17  EU it is mentioned that there is peace between Jabin , the king of Hazor , and his family.

Heber, son of Mered

According to 1 Chr 4,18  EU , Heber is the second eldest son of Mered and a Judean. He belongs to the tribe of Judah . His brothers are called Jered and Jekutiël, his half-siblings, children of the Egyptian Bitja , the daughter of Pharaoh, are called Miriam, Shammai and Jischbach. Heber's son is Socho.

Heber, son of Elpaal

According to 1 Chr 8,17-18  EU , Heber is the fourth son of Elpaal. He belongs to the tribe of Benjamin . His brothers are called Sebadja, Meshullam, Hezeki, Jischmerai, Jislia and Jobab.