Heidrun Richter

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Heidrun Hiltraut Richter (born June 9, 1942 in Reichenberg) is a German art teacher.


Richter completed a teaching degree for art education at the Erfurt University of Education . After doing her doctorate in 1979 and habilitation in 1988, she held the chair for art didactics at the University of Erfurt from 1993 until her retirement and has been teaching there since her retirement. From 1993 to 2000 she was the equal opportunities officer of the PH Erfurt and from 1997 to 2000 the spokeswoman for the equal opportunities officer of all Thuringian universities.

She is the organizer of the youth art project "Feininger-Schüler-Pleinair" in Mellingen , in which hundreds of children are active in painting under the guidance of art teachers. In Erfurt she continues the children's art archive of the art educator Birgit Dettke, who was shot in April 2002 during the rampage in Erfurt .



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