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Heinrich Bunzel (* 1950 in Munich ) is a German artist and "art gardener ".

After several years of study in Italy and Germany, Bunzel opened the Botanikum in a former large-scale nursery in Munich in 1985 . This includes artist studios , exhibition rooms, spaces for art actions and performances in the midst of a Mediterranean flora .

Always connected to nature not only through his previous education , one focus of the artistic activities is in the field of nature art . Since his artistic ideas are slowly going beyond the scope of the Botanikum , he begins to deal with large-scale Land Art . In 1992 Bunzel realized his first project of this type of landscape art under the title "The Eye of Horus" in a field near Munich. More Land Art works followed, with the name "Artfield" being born for his art field projects. In 1993 he was one of the first in Europe to come up with the groundbreaking idea of combining Land Art and advertising . What may sound strange at first glance, has turned out to be a colorful, but naturally blending combination of nature, art and advertising in the landscape. Instead of large-scale and artificial advertising space in nature, use nature itself as a medium (see form of publication ). In 2004 he received the Contrast Award as the prize for the best outdoor advertising for the art field “Budget” .

Work (excerpt)

  • 1992 - Eye of Horus, Munich
  • 1993 - "Artfield" WELT IM ARM (design by Kiddy Citny), Munich
  • Terra Bion (Artfield Land Art as advertising space), Munich
  • Nature art installation LA VIRTUS DELLA VIRTUALITÀ, Carrara / Italy
  • 1994 - I AM VERFÄNGLICH (Flatz design), Munich
  • 1995 - Nature-Art group exhibition TRIEBQUELLE in the Botanikum
  • 1996 - UNICEF, Munich
  • BRUNCHBROT, Hamburg
  • 1997 - HIT RADIO FFH, Frankfurt am Main
  • 1998 - SWISSAIR, Munich
  • 1999 - GENIUS LOCI 99, landscape art on Gut Willershausen / Eisenach - with Heinrich Bunzel, Munich, Jakob de Chirico , Meran, Ugo Dossi , Munich, Ben Patterson, New York
  • 2000 - Exhibition ARTFIELD PROJECTIONS
  • CLOTH FEELING - body contours, Velbert-Langenberg
  • 2001 - Stone Age, Lagundo / Tyrol
  • MARIENHEILGARTEN, Großgmain / Austria
  • 2002 - Parco letterario e delle arti, Viterbo / Italy
  • THE KISS, Munich
  • 2003 - Budget (advertising with Land Art), Frankfurt
  • 2004 - KYFFHÄUSER (together with Herman Nitsch), Thuringia
  • 2005 - 20 years of Botanikum: Fluxus and luxury in nature Joint work with the artists Daniel Spoerri , Hermann Nitsch , Ben Patterson, Ugo Dossi, Jakob de Chirico, Aldo Mondino, Kiddy Citny, FLATZ, Massimo Lunardon, Marco Pellizzola, Giuliano Tomaino, Pavel Schmidt, Antonio Riello
  • 2006 - Artfield FFH HIT RADIO Welcome WM 2006, Frankfurt
  • 2006 - Artfield "Avarice makes you sick", Frankfurt
  • 2007 - PrimaKlima in the Botanikum
  • 2008 - Artfield Landart - fields for angels and other beings at Munich Airport

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