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Johann Heinrich Gottlieb Luden

Johann Heinrich Gottlieb Luden (born March 9, 1810 in Jena ; † December 24, 1880 there ) was a German legal scholar.


Johann Heinrich Gottlieb was born as the son of the historian Heinrich Luden and his wife Johanna Catharina Sophia Köhler. From 1820 he attended the Roßleben monastery school and from 1825 studied at the University of Jena , in Berlin and in Göttingen . In 1829 he became a doctor of philosophy and on August 17, 1831 he received his doctorate with the thesis De furti notione secundum ius Romanum to the doctor of law. In 1831 he became a lecturer at the law faculty in Jena, on September 2, 1834 extraordinary professor of law and in 1836 extraordinary assessor at the Schöppenstuhl and the law faculty.

On March 26, 1842 he received a position as a full honorary professor, in 1843 he was a full assessor at the Schöppenstuhl and the Faculty of Law and on November 26, 1844, a full professor at the Jena Faculty of Law. From July 1, 1845 to September 30, 1879, he was a senior appellant and in 1861 he became the first full professor at the Faculty of Law. In addition, he participated in the organizational tasks of the Salana. He was dean of the law faculty several times and in the winter semesters of 1851, 1858, 1866 and 1875 rector of the Alma Mater .


Luden was married twice. His first marriage was on April 15, 1841 in Jena with Anna Antonie Johanne Friederike Schmid († May 16, 1842 in Jena), the daughter of Jena law professor Karl Ernst Schmid . His second marriage was on September 11, 1844 in Ilmenau with Marie Kriegel (née Schmidt, * Ilmenau; † February 15, 1879 in Jena), the daughter of the church council in Ilmenau Schmidt, the widow of the assessor in Leipzig Dr. Kriegel, a. Children come from marriages. We know of these:

  • Karl Ernst Heinrich Moritz Luden (born May 13, 1842 in Jena, † 1883 in Leipzig) became a lawyer in Leipzig, married. Sidonie Bender
  • Gustav Heinrich August Luden (born July 29, 1847 in Jena; † January 14, 1852 ibid.)
  • Ernst Moritz Eduard Heinrich Luden (born October 26, 1852 in Jena; † May 26, 1853 ibid.)
  • Hermann Heinrich Carl Adolph (born June 19, 1849 in Jena, † 1870 in France)
  • Johanne Luden (born June 15, 1845 in Jena; † June 28, 1941 ibid.) Married. with the Professor of Law August Thon (* 1839; † 1912)
  • Marie Luden (born June 28, 1851 in Jena; after 1933 in Homburg) married. I Immanuel Fromann (* St. Petersburg; † 1884 in Berlin) married. II NN. Engelmann († Wiesbaden)

Works (selection)

  • De furti notione secundum jus. Rome. Jena 1831
  • Romagnosi, Genesis of Criminal Law, from Italian. Jena 1833, 2nd vol.
  • Treatises from common German criminal law. Göttingen 1836–1840 (1st volume online ; 2nd volume online )
  • The poisoning process of Mrs. Marie Fortunee Capelle, widow Lafarge. Jena 1840
  • Handbook of German common and particular criminal law. Jena 1847 ( online )
  • De socio delicti generali et speciali. Jena 1845


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