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Heinrich Steinhausen

Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Steinhausen (born July 27, 1836 in Sorau , † May 26, 1917 in Schöneiche near Friedrichshagen ) was a German writer.


The son of a doctor (Dr. August Friedrich Steinhausen, senior medical officer ; mother: Henriette Naphtali, brother of the painter Steinhausen) attended grammar school in Sorau and studied theology and philology in Berlin and Göttingen, then held teaching positions at the cadet schools in Potsdam and Berlin (since 1860 cadet governor ), ordained on November 1, 1868. In 1868 he was pastor in Blüthen near Karstädt (Kirchkreis Perleberg), 1875 pastor in Lindow (Kirchkreis Lindow-Gransee), 1883 pastor in Beetz near Kremmen (Kirchkreis Nauen), 1896 pastor in Podelzig (Nauen parish). He retired on October 1, 1906.

Heinrich Steinhausen was married to Helene Thieme, daughter of Ernst Rudolf Thieme, master stone mason in Halle (Saale) . The wedding took place on January 5, 1869 in Berlin. His son, Heinrich Friedrich August Christlieb Steinhausen (later pastor), was born on September 13, 1872 in Blüthen.


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  • Coincidental relief from the heart of a lonely art and literature friend . Frankfurt a. M., 1880-1882. 2 volumes (Against Georg Ebers)
  • The Grim Reaper. In the poor house. Mr. Bob Jenkins Adventure . Three novels. Wilhelmi, Berlin, 1882
  • Markus Zeislein's big day . Klein, Barmen 1883
  • The proofreader. Scenes from the shadow play of life . Lehmann, Leipzig 1885
  • The art and the Christian morality . A contribution to understanding the importance of art for public life. Herrosé, Wittenberg 1886
  • The new Bizarde or Hermann Hinderich the Younger missed profession . Herrosé, Wittenberg 1890
  • (Under the pseudonym Veracius Rusticus) Meletemata ecclesiastica. Not alamodic, but hopefully useful . Alt, Frankfurt a. M. 1889
  • Mr. Moffs is buying his book . Pasch, Berlin 1891
  • Heinrich Zwiesel's fears . Grote, Berlin 1899
  • Of quiet suffering and humble happiness . Unequally, Leipzig, 1916
  • Finale . Poems. Callwey, Munich 1917
  • Narratives . Steinkopf, Stuttgart 1926


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