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Heinrich Walcher (born December 3, 1947 in Vienna ) is an Austrian painter and musician.


Walcher graduated from high school in Vienna, Albertgasse, and then began to study medicine, which he broke off to begin his studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 1968 with Wolfgang Hutter . In 1972 he finished his studies and received the “Academy Award” as the best in his year. It was the time of the " Viennese School of Fantastic Realism " with representatives such as Hutter, Fuchs and Arik Brauer , who at the beginning of his career as a painter also shaped his style.

But it was also the time of Austro-pop and Heinrich Walcher had a hit with his song “Gummizwerg”, which led the Austrian charts for weeks. The imaginative images of the song were about the temptation and dangers of drug use, which is clear from the clear choice of words (fabric, coke, snow, grass). This was followed by other hits such as "Luise", "Strawberry, Lemon and Hazelnut".

Walcher wrote and composed more than a hundred songs in the following years; However, his artistic focus was always on the fine arts. In order to devote himself more to the art of painting, he finally withdrew from music.

Heinrich Walcher moved to Carinthia in 1977 and devoted himself fully to painting. Song writing and composing took a back seat and has become an artistic balance. Since 1999 Walcher has been living as a freelance painter in Berndorf (since 2001) and Vienna.



  • 1972: Gummizwerg (7 "single)
  • 1973: Adelaide (7 "single)
  • 1974: You are the beginning of my 'End (7 "single)
  • 1974: Mimi (7 "single)
  • 1975: Life is expensive (7 "single, advertising panel from the Austrian Wüstenrot Bausparkasse )
  • 1975: Rosemarie (7 "single)
  • 1976: Heinzi (7 "single)
  • 1976: Cockroach (7 "single)
  • 1977: Especially for you (7 "single)
  • 1978: Guat look out (Lederhosen-Boogie) (7 "single)
  • 1985: Your grumbling goes on at the alarm clock (7 "single)


  • 1973: I paint my world (LP)
  • 1974: Rainbow (LP)
  • 1979: It was, it is and it will be (LP)
  • 1981: Ban on speaking (LP)
  • 1983: Poptakes (LP)

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