Heinz Frommhold

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Heinz Frommhold (born November 26, 1906 in Striegau ; † October 24, 1979 in Bonn ) was a German politician of the DKP-DRP or DRP .

Life and work

Frommhold successfully completed his studies as a qualified farmer and then settled down as a farmer in Colombia in 1930 . During the Second World War he returned to Germany and was drafted into service in southern Ukraine. In April 1944 he was imprisoned by the Gestapo for six months . In 1945 he became head of the employment office in Striegau until the Polish administration took over the office. In May 1946 he was expelled from Poland and came to Lower Saxony . He settled in Alfeld (Leine) , where he became head of the refugee office.


Frommhold was a member of the Alfeld city ​​council (Leine) and the district council since 1948 . He was elected to the German Bundestag in 1949 on the list of the DKP-DRP . After the Lower Saxony state association DKP-DRP had merged with other small right-wing conservative groups to form the German Reich Party on February 1, 1950 , he belonged to this party. On July 14, 1950, he replaced Franz Richter ( Fritz Rößler ) as group chairman of the DRP in the Bundestag. After the dissolution of the DRP group, he and Adolf von Thadden applied for membership in the FDP in March 1952 . However, under pressure from the left wing of the party, the FDP federal executive postponed the decision on the application for membership on March 26, 1952. Frommhold then withdrew his application and stayed with the DP faction until February 11, 1953 , but without leaving the DRP. When the DRP failed to pass the five percent hurdle in the 1953 Bundestag election , Frommhold left parliament.


Individual evidence

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