Heinz Koch (Carnivalist)

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Heinz Koch (* December 23, 1929 in Mainz-Mombach ; † December 9, 2005 ) was a formative personality of the Mombacher and the Mainz Carnival and was considered a master of the polished fool's word. He was honorary president of the Mombacher Carneval association "Die Bohnebeitel" .

As a founding member, he helped to rebuild the traditional Mombach club, which is one of the special pieces of jewelery and figureheads of the Mainz Carnival, after 1949 and helped shape it behind and on the stage. He was the meeting chairman for 37 years.

His trademark was the park bench on which he was still sitting on stage in 2004 as the “old man from Mainz”. Without any ambition to get into “Die Fernsehsitzung” , he was one of the few fools who devoted himself primarily to local politics in Mombach and Mainz and the concerns of local people associated with it. The constructive criticism in his lectures was nevertheless also understood elsewhere. He had his own loving way of naming things with a lot of meaning, but also with clear words. His lecture as a client sparked across borders. "In 1964 I gave the lecture in the GDR ," he reminded the press. "The people kept shouting."

The trained retail salesman spoke several foreign languages ​​and has traveled to many countries around the world for work. At the age of 67 he had started studying musicology . His doctoral thesis on spa music in Kreuznach and Münster am Stein in the 19th and early 20th centuries was already available in bound form.


  • Kurmusik in Kreuznach and Münster am Stein in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Edited posthumously by Wolfgang Birtel and Christoph-Hellmut Mahling . Bad Kreuznach, district administration, 2009

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