Heinz Meyer (politician, 1911)

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Heinz Meyer (born September 25, 1911 in Bremen ; † October 23, 1986 in Bremen) was a German local office manager and politician ( SPD ).


Family, education and work

Meyer comes from the district of Hastedt . He was married; both had sons and grandchildren. In 1938 the family built on Mooriemer Strasse in the Grolland-Süd estate.

Meyer learned the profession of printer and practiced the profession before and after the Second World War .


Since 1930 he had been a member of the SPD in a local SPD association in Huchting.

From 1946 to 1967 he was a member of the Bremen citizenship for 21 years . From 1959 to 1967 he was Vice President of the Citizenship. In the SPD parliamentary group he belonged to the circle of friends around the powerful SPD parliamentary group leader Richard Boljahn .

At the same time he was from 1948 to 1974, succeeding Franz Löbert also Ortsamt Sleiter the Bremen district Huchting thus decisively and in the development of the district as a residential area of social housing involved. Since he wanted to remain local office manager, he could not be re-elected as a member of the citizenship from 1967 because of the then applicable regulation of the incompatibility of office and citizenship mandate.

Further memberships

  • From 1947 he was the main cashier in the Bremen State Association in the German Trade Union Federation (DGB).
  • From 1967 to 1977 he was dike captain on the left of the Weser.
  • He was a longstanding member of the Federal Republic of Germany's Interparliamentary Working Group (IPA).


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