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Helge Peukert (born July 22, 1956 in Northeim ) is a German economist and political scientist and professor at the University of Siegen .


Peukert began studying in Frankfurt am Main in 1976 and received a diploma in sociology in 1983 and in economics in 1986 . In 1991 he received a doctorate in political science and economics , and in 1994 a doctorate in philosophy . In September 1996 he was appointed professor of economics at the University of Latvia , where he remained until June 1997. From January of the same year he was a private lecturer at the University of Frankfurt .

From April 2003 Peukert was a university lecturer at the University of Erfurt, from 2006 an adjunct professor for finance and finance sociology. Since 2016 he has been an adjunct professor at the University of Siegen.

His focus is on the history of economic thought, economic history , heterodox theory formation, fundamental ecology and financial markets as well as post-autistic economics ( real world economics ).

Peukert was interviewed by WDR in the program Monitor on the occasion of the financial crisis . He also writes comments for Deutschlandfunk and the Postwachstumsblog , in which he propagates a new currency system in the form of full money . He takes a position in daily political media such as the Süddeutsche Zeitung , the taz , the Junge Welt or the Frankfurter Rundschau .

He works as an author for the Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon . Peukert is a member of the advisory board of attac Germany and a founding member of the Society for Socio-Economic Education and Science (GSÖBW).


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