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Hellmuth Wachtel with Dagmar Schratter at the presentation of the book "Otto Antonius - Wegbereiter der Tiergartenbiologie" at Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna 2010.

Hellmuth Wachtel (* 1925 in Vienna ; † October 24, 2015 ) was an Austrian cynologist and author . He has been working intensively on genetics since 1980 .

Life and work area

Hellmuth Wachtel studied agriculture at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna , with a focus on animal breeding and genetics. He has been keeping dogs for over forty years and has been active in dog sports for a long time (especially agility ). Above all, he campaigned for the dissemination of knowledge about the genetic health maintenance and improvement of dogs and their breed populations.

Since his retirement in 1985, he has been a volunteer at the Austrian Cynology Association and a permanent member of the magazine Our Dogs . Here he regularly published articles on the subject of dogs and also translated foreign specialist cynological literature from twelve languages ​​(FCI area, USA, England). He also regularly published specialist articles about dogs in other domestic and foreign dog magazines. In a special study he devoted himself to the literature on breeding, genetics and behavior of dogs. As part of the Austrian Association of Cynologists, he organized practical exercises in hearing identification to test the ability of dogs to train them to recognize, retrieve or search for various objects on command. Such abilities were already contested by Werner Fischel in his book The Soul of the Dog , but proven by CA Young (see also Rico under Border Collie ). In his main area of ​​interest, genetics, he also wrote a population genetic computer program for cynology. He saw in the breeding of " heterozygous pedigree dogs " a way to push back hereditary diseases in pedigree dogs and therefore campaigned against inbreeding and the excessive use of fewer breeding males ( matador breeding ).

He was also a speaker at numerous lectures and seminars at cynological events in Germany and abroad (Germany, Sweden, Denmark). He maintained regular contacts with scientific institutes, in particular the Institute for Pet Studies at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna . As a volunteer he was a member of the scientific advisory board for zoo biology, zoology and ecology of the Vienna zoo Schönbrunn .


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Individual evidence

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