Henri de Mayenne

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Henri de Mayenne or Henri de Lorraine (* December 20, 1578 in Dijon , † September 20, 1621 at the siege of Montauban ) was a French nobleman and military.


He was the son of Charles II. De Lorraine, duc de Mayenne , and Henriette de Savoie-Villars, daughter of Honorat II. De Savoie, marquis de Villars . He belonged to the house of Lorraine-Vaudémont, more precisely, its younger branch, the house of Guise and here the sidelines of Mayenne.

As a baron he became with the death of his father, the Duc d'Aiguillon in 1599, Duc de Mayenne, Marquis de Villars, Comte du Maine, Comte de Tende and de Sommerive. At the same time he became Pair de France . In addition, he inherited the Hôtel de Mayenne in Paris .

Henri de Mayenne was at the coronation of King Louis XIII. present and went to war against the Huguenots with him. During the siege of Montauban , de Mayenne was hit in the eye by a musket ball while he was in one of the siege trenches. He died of this wound.

He was buried in the Church of the Carmes in Aiguillon .

In February 1599 he had married Henriette de Nevers (1571-1601), daughter of Louis IV , Duc de Nevers and Rethel and Henriette de Clèves in Soissons . Since the marriage remained childless, this branch of the Guise family has ceased to exist in the male line.

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