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Herleva , also Arlette and Harlette (* 1003 in Falaise , † 1050 in Grestain ), was the mother of the future English king Wilhelm I.

Herleva was the daughter of a Norman tanner named Fulbert de Crey and his wife Doda from Falaise .

Two children, Wilhelm and Adelheid, emerged from a Friedeleheid with the Norman Duke Robert I. Herleva and her family gained reputation and wealth through their association with Robert. Shortly after the birth of the second child, she was married to Robert's friend and feudal husband, Count Herluin von Conteville , in 1031 . She bore him four daughters and two sons.

After Robert's death in Nicaea in 1035 during a pilgrimage, their common, illegitimate son, Wilhelm II, took over the succession to the throne and thus the reign over Normandy. William ended Anglo-Saxon rule in England in 1066 and became the first Norman King of England.


Together with Robert I of Normandy

  • Wilhelm II./I. (1027–1087) ⚭ 1051 Mathilde of Flanders
  • Adelheid (1030-1082) ⚭ 1st Count Enguerrand II of Ponthieu-Aumale († 1053) | ⚭ 2. Count Lambert von Lens-Aumale († 1054 fallen) | ⚭ 3. Count Odo III. of Aumale and Lord of Holderness († 1096)

Together with Count Herluin von Conteville .

Individual evidence

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