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Richard Goz (also: Richard Le Goz ; † around 1082), Vice Count of Avranches , is a Norman nobleman of the 11th century (see also: House Conteville ).

He is of Scandinavian origin, his father is the Vice Count Thurstein Goz (1015-1040 attested), his grandfather the Dane Ansfrid.

Duke Wilhelm II , the half-brother of his wife Emma, ​​gave him the vice-county of Avranches before 1046 or only around 1055/56, after the fall of Guillaume Werlenc . Presumably he was also lord of Creully . Shortly after Wilhelm's war against the Bretons in 1064, he also received the Saint-James castle built by the duke . However, Richard Goz is not one of those whose participation in the Battle of Hastings is reported.

In the 1070s Richard Goz was involved in the dispute between Raoul Tesson and Fontenay Abbey . Around 1076 he is one of the judges in the trial of Robert Bertram. He died around 1082.


Richard Goz married Emma, ​​the daughter of Herluin de Conteville and Herleva , i.e. the sister of Robert de Conteville, comte de Mortain and half-sister of Duke Wilhelm II. Their children are:


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