Herluin de Conteville

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Herluin von Conteville († probably 1066) was a Norman nobleman, father of Odo von Bayeux and Robert von Mortain and stepfather of William the Conqueror . His father was probably Johann von Conteville. Herluin is called from 1059 as Viscount de Conteville .

He was the friend and vassal of the Norman Duke Robert I. This persuaded Herluin to marry Herleva , with whom Robert had previously had a peaceful marriage, from which two children emerged: Wilhelm, the later Duke of Normandy and King of England, and Adelheid. Herluin married Herleva between 1029 and 1035. The couple had numerous children, including Odo von Bayeux, one of the most influential advisers to his half-brother Wilhelm and later the richest man in England.

Herluin founded Grestain Abbey after 1050 , where he was buried and which became the burial place of most of his descendants for the next generations.


From his marriage to Herleva:

  1. Odo , * probably 1030; † January 2, 4 or 6, 1097 in Palermo , 1050/97 Bishop of Bayeux , 1067 Earl of Kent , 1067 and 1070 Regent of England, captured in 1082/87, ostracized in England in 1088, buried in the Cathedral of Palermo
  2. Robert , * after 1040; † December 8, probably 1091, 1063 Earl of Mortain , 1066 participant in the Battle of Hastings , Earl of Cornwall , buried in Grestain; ∞ I before 1066 Mathilde de Montgommery ; † probably 1085, daughter of Roger II , lord of Montgommery, Vicomte d'Hiémois , 1st Earl of Shrewsbury ; ∞ II Almodis, attested in 1088
  3. Emma; ∞ Richard Le Goz , Vice Count of Avranches , † 1082

From his second marriage to Fredesinde:

  1. Raoul, † after 1089, 1086 de Conteville
  2. Jean, attested in 1089

In addition, Herluin had another daughter, who can only be assumed to be from the second marriage, and whose first name is not known. She married Guillaume, lord of La Ferté-Macé , attested in 1053.

Eventually, a daughter Muriel is attributed to him, who married Yon al Chapel.

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