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Richard Klapheck (born May 15, 1883 in Essen , † June 23, 1939 in Düsseldorf ) was a German art historian and full professor of art history at the State Art Academy in Düsseldorf .

Klapheck published numerous books on architectural history in the Rhineland and Westphalia . Together with Engelbert von Kerckerinck zur Borg , he shaped Alt-Westphalia in their joint plant . The building development in Westphalia since the Renaissance of 1912 used the term Weser Renaissance for the architecture along the Weser in the 16th and 17th centuries with its richly decorated gables and its subsidiary form, the Lipper Renaissance . Klapheck was a full professor of art history at the State Art Academy in Düsseldorf. In 1934 he was defeated by the National Socialists Dismissed from university, he continued to work and publish intensively on architecture and art venues in the Rhineland.

In 1927 he married the art historian Anna von Strümpell ( Anna Klapheck , 1899–1986), who, among other things, supported his art-historical projects with accompanying research. The son Konrad Klapheck , born in 1935, became a painter .


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