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Hiltrud Häntzschel (born Hiltrud Schlotke, July 25, 1939 in Aschersleben ) is a German literary scholar.


Hiltrud Schlotke was born as the daughter of a senior teacher. The family fled to Ravensburg in Upper Swabia in 1945 . There she attended elementary school and the girls' high school. After completing her degree in librarianship, she studied German and philosophy at the universities of Göttingen , Heidelberg and Zurich . She received her doctorate in Heidelberg in 1967 with a thesis on Friedrich Nietzsche . In 1967 she married the German specialist Günter Häntzschel . You have three children. She works as a freelance scientist and journalist in Munich and as a lecturer at the University of Munich. She was visiting professor in Chicago.

Häntzschel publishes and edits on exile research, the history of science of women and literature since the 18th century. She is a member of the German PEN center .

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