Hisayoshi Harasawa

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Harasawa at the 2016 Olympic Awards Ceremony

Hisayoshi Harasawa ( Japanese 原 沢 久 喜 , Harasawa Hisayoshi ; born July 3, 1992 in Shimonoseki ) is a Japanese judoka . He was second in the heavyweight division in 2016.

Athletic career

The 1.91 m tall Hisayoshi Harasawa won the 2015 Universiade in Gwangju . He then won the Grand Slam tournaments in Tyumen, Paris, Tokyo and again in Paris. At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro , he defeated the Georgian Adam Okruashvili in his first fight by punishing the Georgian. His next opponents Ushangi Kokauri from Azerbaijan, the Cuban Alex García Mendoza and in the semifinals the Uzbek Abdullo Tangriyev defeated Harasawa each through Ippon. In the final, Harasawa met French defending champion Teddy Riner , who won the gold medal after a penalty for the Japanese.

At the 2017 World Championships in Budapest, Harasawa lost to the Austrian Stephan Hegyi in his first fight . A year later at the World Championships in Baku Harasawa was defeated in the quarterfinals by the Mongol Öldsiibajaryn Düürenbajar . Harasawa won a bronze medal with victories in the round of hope over the Dutchman Roy Meyer and the Uzbek Bekmurod Oltiboev . In 2019 at the World Championships in Tokyo he defeated the Brazilian Rafael Silva in the quarter-finals and the Georgian defending champion Guram Tuschischwili in the semi-finals , and in the final he was defeated by the Czech Lukáš Krpálek .

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