Holding a Wolf by the Ears

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Holding a Wolf by the Ears
From Autumn to Ashes studio album


April 10, 2007

Label (s) Vagrant Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)


Title (number)


running time

39:58 min

  • Francis Mark - vocals, drums
  • Brian Deneeve - guitar, backing vocals
  • Josh Newton - bass, backing vocals
  • Rob Lauritson - guitar
  • Jeff Gretz - drums


Brian McTernan

These Speakers Don't Always Tell the Truth Holding a Wolf by the Ears -

Holding a Wolf by the Ears is the fourth album by the band From Autumn to Ashes . At the same time, it is the third album that was released on the Vagrant Records label and it is the first album in which singer and drummer Francis Mark takes over both the slow parts and the screaming parts.

From Autumn to Ashes began songwriting in September 2006. Recordings began in November 2006.

Was released Holding a Wolf by the Ears on 10 April 2007, barely a month after the second published EP thesis Speakers Do not Always Tell the Truth .

Until the album was available on the market, the band periodically published songs from the album on the MySpace and PureVolume pages. The following tracks have been released:

  • Love It or Left It (Version with ex-shouter Benjamin Perri)
  • Deth Kult Social Club
  • Everything I need

A few days before its release, the entire album was posted on MySpace for listening.

A copy of the album was already circulating on the Internet on March 17, 2007. However, it was withdrawn because of the poor quality.


The album consists of 12 tracks. Love It Or Left It is the only track that ex-shouter Benjamin Perri was still involved in. However, the song was re-recorded for the album, with Francis Mark taking over the entire vocals, as with all other songs on the album. Pure ballads like on the previous album Abandon Your Friends are not on the album.

Track list

  1. Deth Kult Social Club (2:47)
  2. On the offensive (3:42)
  3. Recounts and Recollections (3:02)
  4. Daylight Slaving (3:38)
  5. Delusions of Grandeur (2:58)
  6. Sensory Deprivation Adventure (2:53)
  7. Every Thing I Need (3:49)
  8. Underpass Tutorial (3:20)
  9. Love It or Left It (3:13)
  10. Travel (3:01)
  11. A Goat in Sheeps Rosary (3:47)
  12. Pioneers (3:42)


The album version on iTunes contains three bonus tracks.

  1. Hang the Mason (3:54)
  2. What Good Is My Virtue (3:42)
  3. Y2K (3:31) (UK, iTunes)

Music videos

  • 2007: Pioneers
  • 2007: Deth Kult Social Club


The album sold over 10,000 copies in the first week and reached number 74 on the Billboard 200 charts.


  • The titles Deth Kult Social Club and Pioneers as well as the British iTunes bonus track Y2K are also included on These Speakers Don't Always Tell the Truth .