Sin, Sorrow and Sadness

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Sin, Sorrow and Sadness
Extended Play from From Autumn to Ashes



Label (s) Tribunal Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)


Title (number)


running time

14:54 min

  • Benjamin Perri - vocals
  • Francis Mark - drums, vocals
  • Brian Deneeve - guitar
  • Scott Gross - guitar
  • Mike Pilato - bass


Steve Carniol & From Autumn to Ashes

Studio (s)

Sonic Productions

- Sin, Sorrow and Sadness Too Bad You're Beautiful

Sin, Sorrow and Sadness is the first work by the band From Autumn to Ashes . It is an EP that was initially released as an in-house production. In 2002 a rerelease appeared, which was published via Tribunal Records . The EP is no longer available individually.

History of origin

Sin, Sorrow and Sadness was formed the year the band was founded, while the group is starting their career in the New York scene. The demo was sent free of charge on request and only had a copied paper insert around the CD, but with all the texts. The first appearances with Bleeding Through and Avenged Sevenfold , among others, are used to bring the self-publication to the people. After the demo was well received, Tribunal Records took on the band and released a remastered version with a professional layout on CD on December 31, 2000.

Shortly thereafter, the band was signed to Ferret Records and the band played on the Vans Warped Tour .

The EP is now out of print, but a new release of the debut album Too Bad You're Beautiful was released in 2005 , which contains the demo as bonus tracks.

Track list

  1. A Reflection of Anguish on a Face So Innocent (5:13)
  2. Trapped Inside the Cage of My Soul (3:49)
  3. A Lie Will Always Defeat the Truth (3:12)
  4. IV (2:40)

Music genre

The EP Sin, Sorrow and Sadness has four songs, with the fourth track, which is also named after Roman 4 "IV", is an instrumental. With the other tracks included, the actual hardness of the band can be heard. Most noticeable are the screaming parts, a typical feature of the emocore and post-hardcore at the time . Musically, the band is shaped by the early Converge , that is, brutal hardcore is alternated with rather calm passages. The songs are arranged in a complex manner.

On the first album Too Bad You're Beautiful from 2001, the title A Reflection of Anguish on a Face So Innocent is abbreviated under Reflections .

A Lie Will Always Defeat the Truth is also known as Behind the Lies, Inside the Truth .

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