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Holger von Hartlieb (* 1950 ) is a German lawyer and actor .


He was born in 1950 as the son of the lawyer Horst von Hartlieb .

Von Hartlieb studied law in Munich and has been working there as a licensed attorney with his own law firm specializing in media law since 1977 . One focus of his work is youth protection law, in particular with regard to the intended FSK approvals, representation in indexing procedures of the federal inspection agency for media harmful to minors, and seizure procedures for carrier media.

Holger von Hartlieb is a member of the FSK Policy Commission.

Since the death of his father, he and Mathias Schwarz have published the standard work Handbuch des Film-, Fernseh- und Videorechts .

Since the 1960s he has appeared in various bands as a musician. Since 1995 he has played in the oldie dance band Bad Censorship , and since 2002 in the party band The Chartbreakers . From time to time, von Hartlieb appeared as an actor, including in several episodes of the Tatort television series , in which he mostly played lawyers.



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