Honeywell series 16

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Honeywell Series 16 computer H316 (front view): Computer is switched on, the processor is stopped.

The name Honeywell Series 16 (English Honeywell Series 16) refers to a series of minicomputers from Honeywell . They are considered to be the first commercial 16-bit computers.


The series 16 computers are an example of a classic accumulator architecture . The computers have an accumulator (A) and a second register (B), which can be used for certain mathematical calculations and number manipulations or as a general buffer, but not as a full second accumulator. Most models also have an index register that is used for memory addressing. Direct, indirect, indexed and indexed-indirect addressing are possible. Direct addressing is not possible. The main memory consists of core memory , in the basic version of the H316 4k * 16 bit. The maximum addressable memory size of the 16 series is 32k * 16 bits (this corresponds to 64 kilobytes ). A number of arithmetic and logical operations are available, depending on the model. The basic version of a series 16 computer has a Teletype ASR33 / 35 telex as input and output unit.

The calculator

  • DDP-116 ( 1965 ) First 16-bit computer ever.
  • DDP-516 ( 1966 ) Greatly expanded, but downwardly compatible variant of the DDP-116
  • DDP-416 ( 1967 ) Greatly simplified version of the DDP-516, hardly any commands, no index register, no B register
  • H316 ( 1969 ) More integrated but slower binary compatible reimplementation of the DDP-516
  • H716 ( 1972 ) To some features, u. a. a stack pointer , extended version of the DDP-516/316

The DDP-516 and H316 models were the most popular models in the series.

Historical relevance

The DDP-516 was used at the end of the 1960s by the company Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN) as the basis for the first Interface Message Processors , the packet switching computers of the ARPANET , from which the Internet emerged at the end of the 1980s. H316s were also used later.

The Prime Computer 200 is binary compatible with the DDP-516 / H316, but has slight additions and higher computing power.

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  1. 16 bit word length was already implemented in the Whirlwind computer around 1950