Hoosier (own name)

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Hoosier are called the residents of the US state Indiana . The name Hoosier State is derived from this.

Origin and meaning

The origin and original meaning of the term are unclear. Popular interpretations are a corruption of the regionally customary question “Who is there?” (Eng. “Who is there?”) Or the question “Whose ear?” (Eng. “Whose ear?”) When a severed ear is found. Linguistically more satisfactory is the derivation from the word hoozer, which comes from the Cumberland dialect and denotes unusually large things ; this is probably due to the fact that the first inhabitants of South Indiana were tall mountain people from Kentucky (see D. Carkeet, Double Negative, 1980 and Webster's New Word Dictionary of the American Language, Coll. Ed., 1969).

Use as a swear word

The name does not only stand for the inhabitants of Indiana, but can also be interpreted negatively, meaning white trash or hillbilly .

Known Uses

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Individual evidence

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