Hooten & the Lady

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Television series
German title Hooten & the Lady
Original title Hooten & the Lady
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
year 2016
Red Planet Pictures
length 47 minutes
Episodes 8 in 1 season
genre Adventure , drama , romance
Theme music Restless Year
idea Tony Jordan, James Payne, Sarah Phelps, Jeff Povey, Richard Zajdlic
production Tony Jordan, Simon Winstone
music Magnus Fiennes
First broadcast September 16 (UK) on Sky 1
first broadcast
November 29, 2016 on Sky 1

Hooten & the Lady is a television series produced for Sky 1 . It tells the stories of the American treasure hunter Ulysses Hooten ( Michael Landes ), who experiences numerous adventures together with the British treasure hunter and noble lady Alex Lindo-Parker ( Ophelia Lovibond ).


The initially involuntary partners travel across the globe in search of the world's greatest secrets. From Percy Fawcett's long-lost camp on the Amazon to the hunt in Siberia for the 51st Fabergé egg , the two explore the world of the mythical and the legendary. You travel from the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains over the catacombs in Rome to find the Sibylline Books to Alexandria in search of the tomb of Alexander the Great in search of the only writing of the Buddha . One storyline that runs through the episodes is the planning of Alex's wedding to her fiancé Edward, organized by her mother, Lady Lindo-Parker.


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Episode list

The first broadcast of the first season was from September 16 to November 10, 2016 on the British pay-TV channel Sky 1 . The German-language first broadcast was broadcast by the German pay TV broadcaster Sky 1 from November 29, 2016 to January 24, 2017. On August 2, 2017, the broadcaster announced that there would be no further season.

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in UK German language first broadcast (D) Director script Odds
1 1 Adventure in the Amazon The Amazon 16 Sep 2016 Nov 29, 2016 Colin Teague Tony Jordan 1.20 million
2 2 All roads lead to Rome Rome 23 Sep 2016 Dec 6, 2016 Colin Teague James Payne 0.80 million
3 3 Adventure in Alexandria Egypt Sep 30 2016 Dec 13, 2016 Justin Molotnikov Richard Zajdlic 0.62 million
4th 4th Aimed at the thumb Bhutan Oct 7, 2016 Dec 20, 2016 Justin Molotnikov Jeff Povey 0.71 million
5 5 The Sabaean spoon Ethiopia Oct 14, 2016 Jan. 3, 2017 Andy Hay Karla Crome 0.50 million
6th 6th The 51st egg Moscow Oct 21, 2016 Jan. 10, 2017 Julian Holmes Sarah Phelps 0.65 million
7th 7th Cambodia Cambodia Oct 28, 2016 Jan. 17, 2017 Daniel O'Hara Richard Zajdlic 0.71 million
8th 8th In the Caribbean The Caribbean Nov 4, 2016 Jan. 24, 2017 Daniel O'Hara Tony Jordan 0.81 million

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