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Horaken (Czech Horáci , "mountain dwellers") is an outdated name of the Czech-speaking population of the Bohemian-Moravian plateau .

Their settlement area joined that of the Hannaken to the north, west and south and included the river basins of the Svratka and Svitava , the hill country between Brno and Znojmo , the mountainous region of Zábřežská vrchovina between Plumlov , Konice and Litovel as far as Loštice and Zábřeh as well as the Drahaner Bergland .

The Horak dialect is comparable to the Hannak dialect and forms with this the Central Moravian dialect group. Here the umlauts sound much wider than in Bohemian due to a vowel change. The i-umlaut is converted into e and the u-umlaut into ü. An o-initial is preceded by a v and the initials a, u, ü and ou by k.

Individual evidence

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