Pituitary portal vein

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Several pituitary portal veins ( Venae portales hypophysiales ) arise from the capillary area of ​​the pituitary stalk , which in their entirety form a network of vessels, which is also called rete mirabile (from Latin rete "network", mirabilis, mirabile "wonderful"; "miracle network").

These pituitary portal veins again feed a capillary area in the adenohypophysis . The axons of the small-cell hypothalamic nuclei end in the first capillary area . The releasing hormones (liberins) CRH , thyreoliberin , gonadoliberin , somatoliberin and the inhibiting hormones (statins) dopamine and somatostatin produced by these nuclei are transported from there via the portal veins in high concentration directly to their target cells in the adenohypophysis without the first Body circulation having to go through where they would be severely diluted.


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