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Properties of human protein
Mass / length primary structure 40 amino acids
Isoforms 2
Gene names GHRH  ; GHRF
External IDs
Drug information
ATC code H01 AC04
DrugBank DB00010
Homology family GHRH
Parent taxon Euteleostomi
human House mouse
Entrez 2691 14601
Ensemble ENSG00000118702 ENSMUSG00000027643
UniProt P01286 P16043
Refseq (mRNA) NM_001184731 NM_010285
Refseq (protein) NP_001171660 NP_034415
Gene locus Chr 20: 37.25 - 37.26 Mb Chr 2: 157.33 - 157.35 Mb
PubMed search 2691 14601

Somatoliberin (growth hormone-releasing hormone) is a hormone formed in the hypothalamus that stimulates the formation and release of somatotropin (STH) (also growth hormone (GH)) from the anterior pituitary gland . Other names for the hormone are growth hormone releasing hormone ( GhRH , GRH), somatotropine releasing hormone ( SRH , SRF) and somatocrinin .


The hormone consists of 40 amino acids . It arises through proteolytic processing from a prohormone which is 108 amino acids in size. The gene locus of the coding DNA sequence is on chromosome 20 .

Synthesis and secretion

Somatoliberin is formed in the neurosecretory cells of the ventromedial hypothalamus and in the arcuate nucleus and is released in the median eminence of the hypothalamus and reaches the adenohypophysis ( pituitary gland ) via the portal vessels, where it stimulates the somatotrophic cells to release growth hormone.

Also, pancreatic cancer can synthesize Somatoliberin and release.


By binding to the growth hormone releasing hormone receptor, the hormone stimulates the synthesis and secretion of somatotropin . Furthermore, it directly favors deep sleep .

The antagonist of somatoliberin is somatostatin (SRIH).


An excessive production of somatoliberin can lead to gigantic stature via the increased release of somatotropin, during the growth phase and after the growth phase to acromegaly .


Somatoliberin is currently under discussion as a doping agent that cannot yet be detected.

Individual evidence

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