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As a maximum wage (including salary cap or maximum salary ) refers to a statutory regulation for the upper limit of what an individual can receive in income. The maximum wage is a complementary term to the minimum wage . Minimum wages, like maximum wages, are tools with which wealth and income can be distributed in a society. In Germany there are maximum wages for student assistants, for example .


Historically, for example, maximum wages occurred in France in the 1790s during the French Revolution , enacted by the Jacobins in the so-called Maximum Law . This law was mainly rejected by artisans and workers and was one of the reasons for the overthrow of Robespierre's rule .

Salary caps for managers

On June 1, 2012, French President François Hollande decided to introduce a maximum wage for managers of state-owned companies. According to this, the highest salary may not be more than 20 times as high as the lowest salary in the same company.

Salary caps in sports

United States

Salary caps are particularly common in North American professional sports . The aim is to control salary costs and enable financial equilibrium between the clubs. In this way, financially poorly equipped clubs can remain competitive in the league despite less financial spending behavior.

In the sports of American football , basketball , ice hockey and soccer, there are financial ceilings for player salaries per team. The salary cap of the NFL ( National Football League ) for 2011 was approximately 120 million US dollars (2006: 102 million US dollars), for the salary cap of the NBA ( National Basketball Association ) it was in the 2010 season / 11 to 58.04 million US dollars (2006: 53.135 million US dollars), the salary cap of the NHL ( National Hockey League ) amounted to 59.4 million US dollars in the 2010/11 season (05 / 06: 39 million US dollars; 06/07: 44 million US dollars; 07/08: 50.3 million US dollars, 09/10: 56.8 million US dollars) and in the Major League Soccer , the 2015 MLS salary cap was $ 3.49 million.

The salary caps are set in collective bargaining agreements (CBA) after negotiations between player and league representatives . In recent years this has led to so-called lockouts .


As a result of the increasing financial imbalances, upper salary limits for European sports leagues are also being discussed. As a result of the increasing salaries of football professionals, various European leagues and the G-14 are also considering the introduction of a salary cap. According to a proposal by FC Bayern Munich , the EU Commission should adopt a European- wide regulation according to which a maximum of 50 percent of a club's total income may be invested in player salaries. However, it seems questionable whether the European Union can adopt regulations on this, since it has no special powers in the field of sports policy .

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