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Idries Shah

Idries Abutahir Shah (also Idris Shah ; born June 16, 1924 in Shimla , † November 23, 1996 in London ) was an author who made the teachings of Sufism known and popularized in the West.


Idries Shah was born in India to an Afghan father and a Scottish mother and grew up in England.

He lived and worked in London and Tunbridge Wells and wrote books on Sufism and philosophy .

Idries Shah expanded western knowledge of the teachings of Sufism. He was a major influence on a number of authors, including Doris Lessing . His definition of Sufism was liberal in the way that Sufism belongs to Islam , but is not dependent on the Koran , but is free in origin, scope and meaning.

Idries Shah had a son and two daughters. His son Tahir Shah is a successful travel book author and filmmaker. One of his daughters is the filmmaker Saira Shah , who is known among other things for her documentation of the life of women in Afghanistan.

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