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An impersonator is someone who has the talent to imitate another person in such a way that a third party (e.g. a viewer , listener or audience ) recognizes the person being imitated.

Often imitation is an art form that is closely linked to parody in cabaret and satire .

One form of imitation is voice imitation. This in turn can be differentiated according to whether a person's speech is imitated or their singing . Thus, celebrities and politicians imitated to them in skits to let them occur or satirically exaggerated "to put in the mouth" words. There are also artists, such as Hans Uwe Schneider , whose interpretations imitate the authenticity and make the voices and songs sound as if you were hearing the original person directly. The art of phonetic doubling is increased to the extreme.

But imitations also occur in films , for example when passages have to be re- dubbed , but the original speaker is not (no longer) available. For example, when the Feuerstein family dubbed the original voice over in Germany, another actor copied it because Fred Feuerstein's “ original voice” wanted too high a fee .

Since film projects are very expensive, it happens that scenes with actors who died during filming are brought to an end with the help of voice imitators and body doublings (see for example Natalie Wood and the film Project Brainstorm ).

The other form of imitation is to imitate a person's outward appearance. These artists, often called doppelgangers , look very similar to a well-known person, sometimes through the use of make-up .

The difference to the pure double, for example for photo recordings, is that the impersonator goes one step further by always trying to reproduce the characteristics of a person in addition to the similarity (see general: acting , actors ).

A combination of different imitation techniques use, for example, Elvis imitators or Michael Jackson imitators, who copy the well-known singers or actors in appearance, song and dance. The best- known examples are El Vez , who calls himself "Mexican Elvis", and the German double-double Michael Rouven from Berlin, who in addition to the King of Pop also imitates Johnny Depp and Captain Jack Sparrow .

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