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Master Association Germany eV (IMV)
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purpose professional association
Chair: Detlef Michael Haarhaus
Establishment date: 1958
Number of members: 5 regional associations
Seat : Cologne

The Industrial Masters Association Germany eV (IMV) is an interest group of industrial foremen and operational managers in Germany. In 2013, around 3,500 industrial foremen were organized in 5 regional associations and 46 regional associations in the IMV. All levels work on a voluntary basis. The office is in Duisburg.


In 1947, training for industrial foremen was introduced in Germany, followed by the introduction of uniform examination regulations in 1958. In the same year, the first industrial master associations were founded, which merged in the industrial master working group. In 1960 the first regional associations were founded and the first association magazine appeared. In 1967 the general association of industrial master craftsmen was founded. Its 50th anniversary was celebrated in 2009 with a ceremony at the Federal Press Office in Berlin

In 2010, the association and other partners signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Oldenburg for professional development in the design of extra-occupational offers.

Association goals

The association sees itself as a representative of the interests of the industrial foremen and aims to improve the status of industrial foremen professionally and socially and to strengthen the industrial profile. The main focus is on the industrial foreman as a manager.

Regional associations

The IMV has 5 regional associations with several regional associations

Industry foremen Association Northeast

Regional associations:
  • IMV Berlin
  • IMV Potsdam
  • IMV Frankfurt (Oder)

Industry foremen Association Northwest

Regional associations:
  • IMV Bremen
  • IMV Göttingen
  • IMV Hameln
  • IMV Hannover
  • IMV Hildesheim
  • IMV Papenburg

Industry master association North Rhine-Westphalia

Regional associations:
  • IMV Aachen
  • IMV Bielefeld
  • IMV Düsseldorf
  • IMV Duisburg
  • IMV Cologne
  • IMV Leverkusen
  • IMV Siegen
  • IMV Velbert-Niederberg eV
  • VIFF lip

Industry foremen Association Southwest

Regional associations:
  • IMV Betzdorf
  • IMV Dillenburg
  • IMV Frankenberg
  • IMV Fulda
  • IMV Kassel
  • IMV Saar
  • IMV Wetterau

Federation of Industrial Masters Baden-Württemberg

On 13. March 1961 established by the associations Freiburg, Hegau-Bodensee, Pforzheim and the Black Forest

Regional associations:
  • IMV Esslingen
  • IMV Hegau-Bodensee
  • IMV Hochrhein
  • IMV Ulm / Neu-Ulm
  • IMV Mittelbaden
  • IMV Pforzheim
  • IMV Black Forest

Associations without a regional association

Regional associations:
  • IMV Passau
  • IMV Würzburg

Web links

Individual evidence

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