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Crown (of the virgins) for the golden jubilee of profession , Lake Constance area, around 1760

A insignia (from latin insigne , characteristics, [military] badge, Award ' , more often in the plural insignia used; noun to adjective insignis , by a badge before other recognizable, recognizable, distinct, prominent, flashy' ) is a mark state,-sized or religious dignity, power and distinction. Signs of rule are also used, especially in political contexts . The insignia should make the status, service or office of the wearer visible to the outside world.

Usually the plural form insignia is used, the singular much less often. In addition to the singular form (the) insignia , variants such as (the) insignia or (the) insignium often appear in texts , which according to the Duden are not considered to be standard language.


Insignia can be:

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Well-known examples of insignia are:

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