Intimate Strangers

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German title Intimate Strangers
Original title Wanbyeokan Tain ( 완벽한 타인 )
Country of production South Korea
original language Korean
Publishing year 2018
length 116 minutes
Director Lee Jae-gyu
script Bae Se-young
music Mowg
camera Kim Sung-an
cut Shin Min-kyung

Intimate Strangers (Original title: Wanbyeokan Tain ) is a 2018 South Korean film and directed by Lee Jae-gyu . It is a remake of the Italian film Perfetti sconosciuti (2016).


Seokho and his wife Yejin hold a housewarming party to which Seokho invites his childhood friends, with whom he has been in contact over the years. Taesu and Junmo bring their spouses with them. Yeongbae, on the other hand, has separated from his old, known, girlfriend and his new girlfriend is sick, which is why he appears alone.

Initially, the main friends theme is how another friend cheated on his wife with a 21-year-old singer . Everyone knew about it, but didn't tell their wives anything. When everyone is together and the doorbell rings, Yejin talks about how all kinds of secrets can be found on your own smartphone . In the following conversation, however, everyone declines that they have nothing to hide from their spouse. Yejin suggests that everyone put their smartphone in front of them and that all messages and calls that come that evening be read out or switched to loudspeakers. What begins harmless and fun degenerates in the evening.

Yejin receives a call from her father about her breast surgery that Seokho didn't know about. Seokho, on the other hand, receives a call from a commissioner saying he fell for a fraud and lost about 2 billion won. Yejin knew nothing about that. However, the couple doesn't show anything in the evening and pretends everything is fine. It looks different with Taesu and Suhyeon. The relationship between the two seemed tense beforehand. Su-hyeon receives a call regarding what is probably a very good old people's home. This leads to an argument, since Taesu now knows that Suhyeon wants to put his mother in a nursing home. However, those present understand Suhyeon, as it is unusual today to have the parents in the house. Taesu, on the other hand, cheats on his wife with a lady 12 years older who sends a photo of her every night at 10 p.m. So he asks Yeongbae to swap smartphones with him. Reluctantly, he does so. Yeongbae received a picture of a woman at 10 p.m. Everyone thinks it's his girlfriend Minseo.

However, Taesu receives messages from a Minsu. Taesu says it's a colleague. After a brief exchange of messages, however, Min-su appears to be angry and calls. Taesu should take off. It turns out that Minsu is probably having an affair with him. Su-hyeon is horrified to learn that her husband is gay. She says she'd prefer him to have an affair with a woman, which she suspected. However, neither Yeongbae nor Taesu reveal the truth. Instead, Suhyeon leaves. Now Yeongbae is telling the truth and saying that it is he who is gay and who is leaving.

There is also a dispute between Junmo and Segyeong. As soon as everyone was about to take a selfie, Jun-mo saw that she was receiving messages from her ex-boyfriend. However, it turns out that he only wanted tips for his dog. However, Jun-mo receives a call from a friend that he had a ring made for his wife, as well as earrings. But Segyeong doesn't even have pierced ears. When a call comes from his work colleague, she insists that he answer. She tells him she is pregnant. Se-gyeong and Yejin both get angry. Yejin has an affair with Junmo but didn't know there was a third wife.

Now Segyeong goes too, but takes off her wedding ring and leaves it there. The film ends with an alternative course. It shows how the evening would have ended if you hadn't played the game. They all go home happy, joyful to have met their friends again, and continue their marriages normally. At the end the words 'A person has three lives: a public, a private and a secret' appear.


Intimate Strangers opened in South Korean cinemas on October 31, 2018 and had almost 5.3 million viewers.

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