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legal form Limited
founding 2001
Seat Glastonbury , Somerset , United KingdomUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom 
Branch Software development

Introversion is a group of English developers Chris Delay, Mark Morris and Thomas Arundel who have so far released the PC games Uplink , Darwinia , DefCon and Prison Architect . You describe yourself as the last "bedroom developer".



Uplink is the first game by the English developer Introversion Software, released in 2001. Uplink is a hack simulation. There are versions for Windows , Mac OS X and Linux .

Uplink is set in 2010. You slip into the role of a self-employed hacker and earn money by executing orders that you get through "Uplink AG". The more jobs you complete, the higher your level of awareness and you gain access to more demanding and profitable jobs. In the beginning, for example, the aim is to steal research data from the servers of competing companies and later to impose crimes on other people or sabotage high-security systems. With the increasing difficulty of the missions, the target systems are increasingly secured with new methods. It is therefore advisable to upgrade the hardware and software of your gateway , i.e. your computer in the game , in the course of the game in order to be able to circumvent these security precautions in a reasonable time. Since August 23, 2006 this game has also been available on Steam .


Darwinia logo

Darwinia is the second game in the series. Darwinia is a real time strategy game in 3D retro graphic style. There are versions for Windows , Linux and Mac OS X .

The world of Darwinia is a "virtual theme park" in which the "Darwinians", consisting of a single polygon , who have an evolving artificial intelligence , cavort. The player can observe and study the Darwinians in this arena of artificial evolution . The aim of the game is to destroy hostile "viruses" and creatures that threaten the artificial world. The aim is to create more capable Darwinians by means of evolution, but the "viruses" also continue to develop.

On August 23, 2005, the game was voted the best game of the past 12 months by the gaming magazine Edge .

In November 2005, Introversion announced that Darwinia would in future be sold via Valve's online distribution platform ( Steam ).


Defcon is the third title released on September 29, 2006. It's a real-time strategy game and is largely based on the movie WarGames . In this anti-war film, a young hacker takes control of the American nuclear weapons arsenal without first knowing it. He believes he started a computer game called Global Thermonuclear War .

Reference to WarGames was already established. In Uplink, the first game by Introversion, there is (as an Easter Egg ) a “Protovision Game Server” (Protovision was the company that the youngster wanted to hack in the film WarGames ), on which Global Thermonuclear War can be “played”.


On February 28, 2007, Introvision announced that the Darwinia multiplayer variant Multiwinia will appear in 2008 . The game was finally released on September 19, 2008.

Humble Indie Bundle

On November 22, 2011, four games were released by Introversion Software as a separate Humble Indie Bundle . Also included were two tech demos and two games that were included in previous Humble bundles.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect was released on October 6, 2015 after a multi-year Early Access phase and can be purchased via the online sales platform Steam or directly from Introversion. The sale takes place according to a principle that is common at Kickstarter : The buyer receives different bonus items, depending on which equipment he chooses.

In terms of gameplay, Prison Architect is similar to building games such as Theme Hospital or Theme Park . The player takes full control of a prison that he gradually builds up. The needs of the inmates must be met by building different rooms and managing personnel. The prison itself is only a two-dimensional supervision viewable, so players take part in the role of an architect, but also countless management capabilities.

By the end of September 2015 (and thus before release ), over 1,250,000 copies of the game had been sold, generating revenues of more than 19 million US dollars. This made Prison Architect the most successful game by Introversion even before the final version.

The game Subversion , which has been in development since 2007 , was put on hold in 2011 in favor of Prison Architect .

In January 2019 Introversion Software sold all rights to Prison Architect to the Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive .

Sombre scanner

On April 26, 2017, Scanner Sombre was released. According to Introversion Software, it was developed during the Prison Architect Alpha phase.

The game is played from the first person perspective. The player is equipped with a LiDAR device, which can represent the environment in an abstract way using laser technology. The task is to use the device to escape from the “cage”. The more the environment is explored, the more detailed the level of detail becomes.

The planned standard price was $ 11.99 at launch.

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