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Irene Triesch in 1904

Irene Triesch , nee Tritsch, married Lamond ( April 13, 1875 in Vienna , Austria-Hungary - November 24, 1964 in Basel ) was an Austrian actress . From 1904 she was married to the pianist Frederic Lamond and from 1938 lived in his retirement home at Alan Grange House near Glasgow .


The main actors of the Lessing Theater under the direction of Otto Brahm (1905–1912).

Discovered by Friedrich Mitterwurzer , she began her stage career at the Residenztheater in Berlin in 1894. After various engagements, she belonged to the ensemble of the Lessing Theater , headed by Otto Brahm since 1904 , where she became one of the stars of the stage. She and her husband had a daughter, Irene Elisabeth Lamond (born approx. 1904).

Radio plays (selection)


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