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Israel Traugott Garmann (born October 14, 1684 in Chemnitz , † August 13, 1746 in Spremberg , Upper Lusatia) was a Protestant theologian and pastor with the academic degree of a master's degree.

Live and act

Israel Traugott Garmann saw the light of day in a middle-class family. His father Christian Friedrich Garmann was a medicus in Chemnitz. The young Garmann grew up at a time when Elector Friedrich August I (the Strong), who was also King of Poland, ruled Saxony from 1694 to 1733. After completing his school education, however, the doctor's son chose a spiritual career and completed a degree in theology at the University of Wittenberg with a master's degree . Before the year 1716 he was ordained a pastor. The Upper Consistory in Dresden, the highest ecclesiastical authority of the Saxon Elector , sent the now thirty-two-year-old cleric Israel Traugott Garmann to the parish of Spremberg in Upper Lusatia, now the city of Neusalza-Spremberg . There he took up the ministry on November 13, 1716. He thus became the official colleague of the pastor of the neighboring parish of the exile town of Neu-Salza, Magisters Wenceslaus Niederwerffer , who worked there for 31 years until his death in 1732.

Garmann had to struggle with severe family blows during his term of office in Spremberg, which he was to exercise for thirty years: his first wife died in 1718, his second in 1737. He is said to have been the father of nine children, whom his second wife bore. Nothing was handed down from the children. Magister Garmann proved to be not only a loyal and deserving pastor for the Upper Lusatian community, but also a personality with practical and social ambitions. As a result of his initiatives, the massive new building of today's rectory in Neusalza-Spremberg was built in 1727/28 , which was partly financed with Garmann's private assets. He gave the children of poor parents in his parish a donation of 20 thalers, the interest of which was earmarked for school fees. Magister Garmann is the 15th (Protestant) pastor of the Upper Lusatian parish of Spremberg. He died at the age of 62. His successor was Pastor Magister Karl David Schuchardt .


Pastor Garmann's wives:

1. Mrs. Eleonora Susanna, geb. March (* 1698 in Chemnitz ?; † August 8, 1718 in Spremberg)
2. Mrs. Regina Elisabeth, geb. Citizen (born October 28, 1703 in Schneeberg (Ore Mountains) , † 1737 in Spremberg).

The gravestone of the pastor and his second wife (with informative inscriptions) is on the southern wall of the old cemetery near the Spremberg village church . A large-format oil painting, which found its place next to that of Magister Schuchardt in the corridor of the Neusalza-Spremberg parish office, also reminds of him.


Garmann has written the following works:

  • De Kôs tanḥûmîm sive poculo consolationum, ex Jer. XVI ... [1709]
  • De sapientia Aegyptiorum exercitatio prior. [1710]
  • De sapientia Aegyptiorum exercitatio secunda. [1710]
  • De sapientia Aegyptiorum exercitatio tertia. [1710]
  • Diss. De pane lugentium. 1708


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