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Iwindo was after the same today on the territory of Gabon lying river named district of the German colony of Cameroon , most of which in the 1911 by the Morocco-Congo agreement acquired Neukamerun was. The seat of the administration was Minkebe .

The German administration was carried out by the 12th Company of the Imperial Protection Force for Cameroon , newly formed in Yaoundé in the summer of 1912, under the leadership of Captain Theodor von Heigelin . By government decree of January 17, 1913, the Akoafim post area , which had previously belonged to Old Cameroon , was separated from the Ebolowa district and combined with the area of ​​activity of the 11th Company. Heigelin was given the administrative powers for the district.

The company's location was initially the Ngarabinsam military post, which was formerly on French territory; in April 1914 the administrative headquarters were moved to Akoafim , only shortly before the outbreak of the First World War to Minkebe.

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