Theodor von Heigelin

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Theodor von Heigelin (born April 6, 1876 in Liebenzell ; † January 15, 1930 ) was an officer in the Imperial Protection Force for Cameroon .


After initial training in his parents' house through private lessons, attending the Latin school in Mergentheim and the Karlsgymnasium in Heilbronn and pre-military training in a private institute in the elegant Berlin-Lichterfelde , von Heigelin joined the infantry regiment "Kaiser Friedrich, King of Prussia" in 1894 ( 7. Württembergisches) No. 125 as Avantageur . In 1896 he was promoted to lieutenant , in 1905 to first lieutenant and in 1912 to captain .

In February 1904 he left the XIII. (Royal Württemberg) Army Corps and joined the Cameroon Defense Force , which he belonged to until the First World War .

Heigelin was one of the most experienced officers in the Schutztruppe. a. In 1904 he took part in the subjugation of the Anyang in the Ossidinge district and from 1906 was the leader of the officer post Kam. In 1913 he took over the Iwindo district, which had been ceded by France in the Morocco-Congo Agreement, into German administration.

Promoted to major by order of the Reich Colonial Office in 1919 , Heigelin retired from active service a year later as part of the reduction in the German army .


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