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Fürstenzell market
Coordinates: 48 ° 33 '36 "  N , 13 ° 17' 51"  E
Height : 476 m
Postal code : 94081
Area code : 08502
Jägerwirth (Bavaria)

Location of Jägerwirth in Bavaria

Jägerwirth is a district of the market in Fürstenzell in the Lower Bavarian district of Passau .


Jägerwirth is located at an altitude of 476 meters on the edge of the Neuburg Forest about three kilometers northwest of Fürstenzell. The parish church of the village can be seen for several kilometers.


The parish church of the Holy Family

Jägerwirth belonged to the so-called Steinharreramt on the border of the Grafschaft Neuburg . The place name does not appear until the middle of the 16th century and was taken over from the newly built tavern. Three old estates on the outskirts of today's town were mentioned as early as 1440 and 1523. The original place name Weidenbach was displaced with the transfer of innkeeper justice from a farmer to the manorial hunter. In 1674 the place was still called Grafensteig .

The pilgrimage Heiligenbrunn has existed in the Obereichet district northeast of the town center since the late 16th century .

With the county of Neuburg, Jägerwirth became part of Bavaria in 1803. It belonged to the tax district and later to the municipality of Altenmarkt. In 1902 the neo-Gothic Church of the Holy Family was built according to plans by the architect Julius Kempf. Bishop Sigismund Felix von Ow-Felldorf elevated the branch formed in 1904 to a canonical parish with a document dated March 12, 1921.

In the course of the municipal reform, Jägerwirth and the Altenmarkt municipality came to Fürstenzell on January 1, 1972.

On December 22nd, 2009, the head of the Office for Rural Development in Landau an der Isar , Josef Seibl, presented Mayor Franz Lehner with the certificate to initiate village renewal for Jägerwirth.


The Jägerwirth elementary school of the Fürstenzell elementary school and the Jägerwirth kindergarten are located in Jägerwirth. Local associations are the Jägerwirth volunteer fire brigade, the Jägerwirth DJK, the Jägerwirth women's association, the Jägerwirth children's choir, the Jägerwirth church choir, the Jägerwirth musical association, the Jägerwirth men's choir, the Jägerwirth rhythm choir and the Jägerwirth stick choir.

Individual evidence

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