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Jacquie et Michel
Merci qui? Merci Jacquie et Michel
Pornography on the Internet
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On-line 1999 (currently online)

Jacquie et Michel is a French brand that primarily operates porn websites .

Porn websites

Jacquie et Michel IMMERSION at an erotic fair in Rouen

The first Jacquie et Michel porn website contained erotic photos of private individuals. It was released in 1999.

Around 2007 a website with porn movies was launched. The films showed private individuals having sex, with Jacquie et Michel acting as producer and dating agency. Usually, the called performer during sex the slogan "Merci Jacquie et Michel" into the camera.

Today there are more than twenty porn websites under the Jacquie et Michel brand. The content ranges from private snapshots to virtual reality porn. Two thirds of the people filmed are now paid actors. Most of the films are shot in France .

The porn websites include:

  • Désinhibition
  • Jacquie et Michel CAM
  • Jacquie et Michel CONTACT
  • Jacquie et Michel ELITE
  • Jacquie et Michel IMMERSION
  • Jacquie et Michel LIVE
  • Jacquie et Michel NET
  • Jacquie et Michel TV
  • Jacquie et Michel TV2
  • Jacquie et Michel VISIOCHAT
  • Jacquie et Michel VISION
  • La Vidéo du Jour
  • PornEverest
  • Porn obsessions
  • Ton Porno du Jour
  • Vos Femmes
  • Voyeur France

Jacquie et Michel ELITE was nominated for the AVN Award in 2017 .

Further business areas

Jacquie et Michel sex shop in Lyon

Jacquie et Michel runs sex shops in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Annecy, Mulhouse, Nancy and Fréjus. Erotic and merchandising products are offered. The articles can also be ordered online.

A pornographic print magazine is published every two months and is accompanied by a DVD.

Events with an erotic entertainment program can be booked under the title Jacquie et Michel TOUR .

In 2015, Jacquie et Michel launched their own beer, brewed in Germany.


Time and again, Jacquie et Michel provokes minor scandals that are spread by the media.

The slogan “Merci Jacquie et Michel” is also regularly picked up by entertainers. Sébastien Cauet uses the slogan in his program. Michaël Youn and Les Enfoirés referred to Jacquie et Michel in sketches.

In the 2015/2016 season, Jacquie et Michel sponsored a football club, and in 2016 a racing driver.

In 2016, Jacquie et Michel published a pornographic parody of Pokémon Go , which had more than a million views on Facebook in 48 hours.


Several performers reported humiliation, violence and forced sexual acts during the filming.

Web links

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