Yearbook of Evangelical Theology

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Yearbook of Evangelical Theology (JETh)

description Theological journal
Area of ​​Expertise theology
language German, abstracts, English
publishing company SCM R. Brockhaus (Germany)
First edition 1987
attitude 2016
Frequency of publication Once a year
editor Rolf Hille , Helge Stadelmann , Jürg Buchegger, Jochen Eber and Walter Hilbrands
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ISSN (print)

The Yearbook for Evangelical Theology (JETh) was a once-a-year periodical published by SCM R. Brockhaus as part of the Theologische Verlagsgemeinschaft (TVG) .

A new edition of the yearbook hit bookshops around September. The first edition appeared in 1987, the last in 2016.


The JETh was published jointly on behalf of the Working Group for Evangelical Theology ( AfeT ) and the Working Group for Biblically Renewed Theology ( AfbeT - Switzerland) in cooperation with the TVG.

The editorial team was composed as follows:

Editorial staff:

Book information:

  • Walter Hilbrands, Free Theological University of Giessen


The yearbook was published in 30 years from 1987 to 2016 and developed into the most important German-language evangelical review organ. Up to the 16th edition in 2002, around 1200 books presented were discussed.

As the successor to JETh, AfeT and AfbeT will publish a yearbook with the title Biblically Renewed Theology from 2017 . The new yearbook should contain articles that were evaluated in the double-blind report. In future, the reviews will no longer be part of the yearbook, but will appear online on the AfeT website every six months.

Goal setting

With the JETh, the scientific work of the AfeT and the AfbeT should be documented and made accessible to a broad public. A comprehensive review section presented the evangelical publications as comprehensively as possible , primarily from German-speaking countries, but also English-language publications, which were of interest to evangelical theology .


The JETh is structured in two parts. The first part consists of scientific essays by various theologians who feel connected to the concerns of the AfeT / AfbeT. The individual essays cover a broad spectrum of theology. In some yearbooks the articles have a thematic focus, but this is not always the case. So that the essays are not completely limited to the German-speaking area and foreign theologians can at least roughly follow the main statements of the individual essays, a short abstract in English is attached to each essay .

The second part is a comprehensive review section that comprises around 150 to 200 pages. The books discussed are divided into five groups (the last person responsible is given in brackets):

  • Old Testament (Walter Hilbrands)
  • New Testament (Jürg Buchegger)
  • Systematic Theology (Jochen Eber)
  • Historical theology (Jochen Eber)
  • Practical Theology (Helge Stadelmann)

Each of these departments is divided into smaller units. Some reviewers are very frequently represented, for example Lutz E. von Padberg in historical theology.

At the end of the JETh you will find information for employees, an overview of the printed reviews and a list of employees' addresses.

Web links

Individual evidence

  1. Herbert H. Klement: 25 years of AfeT: An overview ( Memento from December 10, 2013 in the Internet Archive ), in it the paragraph 1987 JETh .
  2. AfeT Newsletter 3/2016: Yearbook , accessed on February 25, 2017.