Working group for evangelical theology

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Working group for evangelical theology
purpose Promotion of evangelical theologians and literature
Chair: Christoph Raedel
Establishment date: 1977
Number of members: over 100
Seat : Sprockhövel

The working group for evangelical theology (AfeT e.V.) based in Sprockhövel is a forum for cooperation between lecturers, professors and authors of evangelical theology within the German Evangelical Alliance (DEA).


The AfeT was founded through the missionary impulse that came from the Lausanne Congress for World Evangelization in 1974. The founding assembly with the adoption of statutes and the election of a board by seventeen theologians took place on November 11th and 12th, 1977 in Geisweid near Siegen. One of the first activities was an AfeT study conference in 1979, which has been held every two years since then. In September 1997 Herbert H. Klement was appointed theological advisor to the AfeT.

In 2015, the group of members already numbered 130, since 2020 171 theologians, usually active in research or teaching, and the Circle of Friends around 1000 people.

The first AfeT grants were awarded in 1980; the recipients were Karl-Heinz Michel and Reinhard Freshness. By 2002, more than 50 people with a volume of more than 200,000 euros could be funded.

In 1982 the AfeT founded the Förderkreis für Evangelical Theologie (FET e.V.), which pursues the goal of helping young evangelical theologians with a degree, especially doctoral candidates and post-doctoral candidates, to qualify for an academic or corresponding teaching activity in the form of grants and Support grants.

Since 1987, a literary prize, the € 1000 Johann Tobias Beck Prize , has been awarded annually together with the Theological Publishing Association (Wuppertal / Zurich) and the Brunnen Verlag (Gießen / Basel) . It should serve to promote theological literature. The namesake is the theologian Johann Tobias Beck .

The first doctoral student meeting took place in 1988. Since then, the doctoral and post-doctoral student colloquium has taken place annually.

Specialist working groups have been meeting since 1991. At the suggestion of Herbert H. Klement after discussions with Helmuth Pehlke , a first AfeT specialist working group (FAGAT) was formed in the area of ​​the Old Testament. As a result, further specialist working groups were established in the disciplines of the New Testament (FAGNT), Systematic Theology (FAGST), Practical Theology (FAGPT) and Church History (FAGHT). The Mission Theology specialist working group (FAGMT) has existed since 2000 in cooperation with the Working Group for Evangelical Missiology (AfeM).


  • promoting cooperation and the exchange of information among evangelical theologians
  • the promotion of evangelical theological literature, including through grants for printing costs
  • the promotion of young scientists, also through the awarding of scholarships


Study conferences - alternating every two years with the conference of the “Community of European Evangelical Theologians” (GEET) - and colloquia on theological topics are organized. Members and friends of the AfeT meet to exchange ideas in specialist working groups in the following areas: Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology and Mission Theology.


The first board of directors in 1977 included Helmut Burkhardt as chairman, Siegfried Liebschner and Ludwig Rott as deputy, Helmuth Egelkraut as secretary , and Ulrich Betz, Gerhard Bergmann and Wilhelm Gilbert. From 1993 to 2013 Rolf Hille (Heilbronn) held the office of chairman. His successor is Christoph Raedel .

Since October 2019 the executive board includes:



  • Herbert H. Klement: The Working Group for Evangelical Theology (AfeT) , evangelical missiology 14/4 (1998) 137-139 (PDF; 5809 kB) .

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