Jakob Laurenz Sonderegger

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Jakob Laurenz Sonderegger (born October 22, 1825 in Balgach ; † June 20, 1896 in St. Gallen ) was a Swiss doctor and pioneer in health care.

Memorial plaque in Balgach for the first central president of the Swiss medical profession


Jakob Laurenz Sonderegger grew up in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley . His father was the administrator of Grünenstein and Ammann Castle in Balgach. He attended high school in St. Gallen and studied medicine in Zurich, Würzburg, Vienna, Prague and Leipzig. He ran his own doctor's practice in Balgach, Altstätten and St. Gallen. Sonderegger was the founder of the community hospital in Altstätten (today the regional hospital) and the St. Gallen canton hospital. For 15 years he was President of the Rheintaler Medical Association and the first central president of the Swiss Medical Association (today FMH ).

In 1873 he published a folk textbook on hygiene with the title "Outpost of Health Care".


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