Jan Jerzy Grabowski

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Jan Jerzy Grabowski (German Johann Heinrich Grabowsky , † 1789 ) was a royal Polish lieutenant general , inspector general of Lithuania and marshal of the Confederation of Sluzk .


Jan Jerzy was a son of Stephan Grabowski, Starost von Vištytis in Lithuania and his wife Theodora. His brothers Paweł (Paul) and Michał (Michael) later also became generals. The family was Calvinist (reformed).

In 1756 Grabowski was appointed general of the Polish-Lithuanian army. In 1776 he became leader (Marshal) of the Confederation of Slutsk, which campaigned for the rights of the Protestant and Orthodox minorities in Poland-Lithuania. In this capacity he also negotiated with the Russian ambassador Repnin . During this time he received the Russian Order of Alexander Nevsky .

In 1778 Grabowski was appointed Inspector General for Lithuania. In 1782 he became lieutenant general and commander of the 1st Lithuanian division.

In 1784 Grabowski was the only Protestant representative in the Sejm , without much influence.

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