Jane (rock band)

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General information
origin Hanover , Germany
Genre (s) Krautrock
founding 1970
Founding members
Klaus Hess
Drums, vocals
Peter Panka
Bass, vocals
Charly Maucher
Keyboard, flute
Werner Nadolny

Jane is a German rock band from Hanover and one of the most popular bands from the genre of Krautrock . It was founded in 1970 and existed under its original name until 1994. Since then, "Jane" has only been used with an additional name.


In 1965 the band Justice of Peace was formed, which released a single as The JP's and split up in 1968. Werner Nadolny (keyboard, flute) joined the last formation . From then on the band used the name "Jane" with the musicians Klaus Hess (guitar), Peter Panka (drums, vocals), Werner Nadolny and Charly Maucher (bass and vocals). The first appearance took place on December 5, 1970 in Hanover. At the beginning of 1971, singer Bernd Pulst joined the band. For the following releases Günter Körber worked as a producer and got the band a record deal on the label Brain, which he co-founded . The first album Together was released in 1972.

During the recordings for the 1973 album Here We Are , neither Pulst nor Maucher took part due to illness. The bass was played alternately by Wolfgang Krantz (previously Justice of Peace) and Klaus Hess.

The album Jane III (1974) was recorded with almost no keyboards because Nadolny had left the band. Attempts were made to replace the organ by Krantz playing the guitar over a Leslie cabinet. He played the piano on Way to Paradise . Most of the singing came from Maucher, who had recovered, since Bernd Pulst had died on February 3, 1973.

Maucher and Krantz left Jane after the live promotion of the album and founded the band Harlis with Werner Nadolny, Arndt Schulz (guitar, vocals) and Werner Löhr (drums, vocals) . Nadolny left before the release of the first album in 1976 (on Günter Körber's new label Sky Records ) and founded the band Lady .

An album by the band Lady was released in 1976 on Vertigo Records . The following members included the later Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs and ex- Epitaph member Klaus Walz.

In 1975 Jane's fourth album Lady was released , a reference to the Rolling Stones song Lady Jane . Jane had now strengthened herself with Gottfried Janko (keyboard, vocals) and Martin Hesse (bass) - both ex- Dull Knife . Since Janko was not mentioned as a composer on the record - despite unmistakable personal contributions - he left Jane after this production. The following years were marked by numerous changes of members. The only constant members were Klaus Hess and Peter Panka.

In 1976 the band recorded the album Fire, Water, Earth and Air , on which Werner Nadolny surprisingly played the (this time plentiful) keyboards again.

On the live double album At Home , which was released later in the same year - a concert recorded entirely in the hometown of Hanover - Manfred Wieczorke (ex- Eloy ) played the keyboards. The album contains - in addition to some renamed, already published pieces - also the works Windows , Expectation , Another Way and Hightime for Crusaders , which are only available here .

Between Heaven and Hell followed in 1977 - with the title track also filling an entire LP page, which surprisingly contained bombastic choral singing that was completely atypical for Jane. Church organ and harp were used on Voice in the Wind . Jane presented the album live with quadrophonic effects by having loudspeakers set up in all four hall corners.

In August 1977 the band got the Golden Brain label for 300,000 albums sold. In 1978, Age of Madness followed , which - like its predecessor - contained very good ideas, which, however, looked rather immature overall. While Klaus Hess then enjoyed his fame in Ibiza, Manfred Wieczorke went into hiding in order to later form Firehorse with Jürgen Baumann (ex- Madison Dyke ) . In 1980 the album On the Wind was released on Ariola .

In order to fulfill existing contracts with Brain, Hess took part with Panka and Hesse in 1979 as a trio Sign No. 9 on. Hess now also played keyboards and surprised with multi-layered guitar arrangements and two interesting instrumentals ( Henry goes married , Letter to Mariann ). The other song material, however, was again immature and mostly boring with endless repetitions without variations.

On the 1980 album Jane they strengthened themselves with the singer and keyboard player Pedja. From the beginning of the 1980s, sales fell; but the band continued to release albums and toured.

In 1982 Germania appeared , now played in a trio again, without Pedja, whom the fans had not accepted, with Hess, Panka and the returned Charly Maucher.

After the record contract expired in the same year - and the contract was fulfilled - the musicians Peter Panka, Charly Maucher, Werner Nadolny and Klaus Hess teamed up with the Englishman Jon Symon to perform the "Rockballet Warlock" in Hanover. However, Hess was fired by Symon, the initiator of the rock ballet, and he was replaced by the guitarist Detlef Klamann. Hess then tried a solo career. In 1983 the live produced LP Warlock - The Rockballet was released on Lava Records .

Klaus Hess released the instrumental album Sternentanz on the Sky Records label. Jane went on tour again in 1983 in the line-up of Peter Panka, Charly Maucher, Werner Nadolny and Detlef Klamann.

In 1984 the line up consisted of Peter Panka and Werner Nadolny, plus Kai Reuter (guitar), Bernd Kolbe (bass, ex-epitaph) and Klaus Henatsch (keyboards, vocals, ex- Lorry ).

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the label, Sky Records boss Günter Körber offered Jane a new record production. Beautiful Lady appeared in 1986 without a Kolbe . In addition to weaker, Jane-atypical songs, the album also contained pearls like Silence , In my Life and Imagination , into which a short passage from John Lennon's Imagine was integrated.

In 1988, Sky Records released Jane live '88 with Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny, Klaus Walz (guitar), Stephanie Shea (bass) and again Charly Maucher.

For the 20th birthday of the Brain label, the LP Jane live '89 - on which Gottfried Janko also performed two tracks - was released by Metronome .

In 1992 the original line-up almost reunited with Klaus Hess, Peter Panka and Werner Nadolny. Charly Maucher was already planning to move to Canada, and so Jens Dettmer played the bass. After a short tour of Germany I went to New Zealand. Due to Nadolny's multiple sclerosis illness, Hess and Dettmer suggested bringing in an additional keyboard player for support. Nadolny refused and they split up.

In 1996 Peter Panka's Jane recorded the album Resurrection , with the line-up Panka, Nadolny, Reuter, plus Klaus Walz and Mark Giebeler on bass.

Peter Panka and Werner Nadolny played from 1999 with Gaby Neitzel (guitar) and Petra Müller-Gehring (bass) as Lady Jane and also appeared as a duo under the banner of “Pano's Jane”.

Name dispute

Peter Panka's Jane, 2004
Mother Jane , 2011
Werner Nadolny's Jane, 2011

Both Peter Panka and Klaus Hess claimed the band name "Jane" for themselves. Due to the name disputes, a judicial settlement was concluded on September 6, 1994 before the civil chamber of the Hanover Regional Court that the bands resulting from the original formation of Jane are only allowed to call themselves Jane with the "name suffix". From then on, the bands were only allowed to appear with additions to their names, such as Peter Panka's Jane , Lady Jane or Klaus Hess' Jane or Mother Jane .

Further development

In 2004 the band Peter Panka's Jane performed in the Rockpalast . In autumn 2006 the band toured Germany and Switzerland and released the album Voices , which was released on their own label, cool & easy records .

At the beginning of 2007 the band consisted of Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny, Charly Maucher and Klaus Walz, who had previously played with the German band Epitaph . Peter Panka died of lung cancer on June 28, 2007. At his request, the band should be continued. Walz, Maucher and Nadolny hired drummer Fritz Randow ( Eloy , Epitaph) and guitarist and singer Arndt Schulz ( Harlis ).

At the beginning of 2008 Werner Nadolny was replaced by Wolfgang Krantz, who had already worked on the Jane albums Here We Are and Jane III , after internal disagreements . In the same year, he founded the band Werner Nadolny's Jane. Since then there have been three Jane formations, all of which give live concerts and publish CDs or DVDs:




  • Together (1972)
  • Here we are (1973)
  • Jane III (1974)
  • Lady (1975)
  • Fire, Water, Earth & Air (1976)
  • Live at Home (1977, double album)
  • Between Heaven and Hell (1977)
  • Age of Madness (1978)
  • Sign No. 9 (1979)
  • Jane (1980)
  • Germania (1982)
  • Beautiful Lady (1986)
  • Jane live '88 (1989)
  • Jane live '89 (1990)
  • Genuine (2002)
  • Live at Home Revisited (2008, double CD)

Peter Panka's Jane

  • Resurrection (1996)
  • Live 2002 (2002)
  • Shine on (2003)
  • Voices (2006)
  • Voices (2007, revised edition)
  • Live at Metas (2007)
  • Tribute to Peter Panka, DVD from the concert in Hanover 2007, released in May 2008
  • Traces (2009)
  • Inside the cave DVD (2010)
  • Kuxan Suum (2011)

Lady Jane

  • Lady (1976)
  • Lady Jane live (1999)
  • Back again (2000)

Klaus Hess' Mother Jane

  • Mother Jane Comes Alive (2000)
  • In Dreams (2009)
  • Hungry 4 Live Part I (2010)
  • Hungry 4 Live Part II (2010)
  • Mother Jane - Turn the Page / The lost Tracks (double CD, 2012)

Werner Nadolny's Jane

  • Proceed with Memories (2009)
  • The Journey - Best of Jane (2010)
  • Eternity (2011)
  • Live at home again-Live Fährmannsfest 2011 DVD
  • Werner Nadolny reads the Jane Story (Audio Book) (2012)
  • Broken Harmony Maxi-CD (2012)
  • Stopover (2013)
  • The journey 2 the transformation (2014)
  • Inbetween (2015)
  • The journey 3 (2016)
  • Jane & Beyond I (2017)
  • ... And In The Darkest Night (2018)
  • Jane & Beyond II (2019)
  • Jane 50 (2020)
  • Jane & Beyond III (2020)


  • Daytime (1972)
  • Here we are (1973)
  • Bambule Rock (1974)
  • Age of Madness (1978)
  • Love Song (1978)
  • Beautiful Lady (maxi single) (1986)
  • Together we stand (Mother Jane) (1998)


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